By Jon Wallace Jacobsmeyer


This record of my experiences in the Vietnam War and those events leading up to that period is by no means a complete record.  It is now January of 1985 and time has robbed me of many of the fine points and dates of the years 1968-69, but with the help of the letters home (which my wife Janet saved for some unknown reason) and the Army's paperwork, I will try to recreate what it was that I saw, felt, and experienced at that time.

My first recollection is of a spring day, about April 14th, 1968, as I was shooting a game of pool with one of my fellow firemen at Fire Station 71 and the phone rang.  It was Bruce Pixley, a fellow mortarman from my National Guard troop and good friend, asking me if I had heard about our activation for duty in Vietnam.  I didn't believe him, since Bruce and I kidded around a lot, but upon listening to the news later on that evening I realized that I was going to active duty with possible action in the Vietnam War.

Before continuing, let me go back a while and tell how I got into the National Guard and to the point of being activated.

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