Cu-Chi, Friday, May 30, ll:30 pm:


It wasreallyhothere today.The promised monsoon rains haven't come yet, at least not very much ofthem.We hadaboutten drops early this evening but nothing to cool the place off.I don't mind the rain as long as I'min my shopniceanddryand warm.But outside in the pouring rain it can get downright miserable.Oh well!

On my trip to Saigon the other day I wassurprisedat howgreenandpretty everything was, even after the small amount of rain we eve had.The rice paddies aren't fullyet but I guess that will come in time.

Otherwise,thingshere are the same old dull routine. I went down and cashed inallmypenniestodayforbig billsso I can send you some tomorrow.I should be able to send $l60 or so, depending on how hot it is tomorrow.

The crickets are calling out the midnight hoursoI'd bestletmyeyelidsdroopandcall it quits.I had to finish that book I was reading, "ThePresident'sPlaneis Missing",whichwasalright but not as good as "7 Days in May".I love you with everything I have.

p.s.†††††† I ran out of popcorn tonight.


Cu-Chi, Saturday, May 31, 10:00 pm:


You're getting to be so good at makingtapes,Ijust can'tbelieve it.You are developing that Jacobsmeyer gift of gab that gallops in ourfamily.Ireallyenjoyedthe tape and I hope to get more soon if you get the chance.

It'ssprinklingatthe moment and it started halfway throughtheflick,"TheImpossibleYears",withDavid Niven.Needlesstosay, I got wet but the movie was worth it; really agoodlaugh-in.Imissed"Barbarella"last night but I plan to see it later.

Todaywaspaydayasyouknowand a real mad house around here.To get paid we had to get our shotrecordup todate, which meant getting a cholera and plague shot, and getting myweaponserialnumbercheckedatthesupply room.Ifinallygotpaid about 3:00pm this afternoon and rushed down to get some money orders for you.Ieventook today'stipsand sent to you so you can believe it's every cent I had.If you NEED more let meknow,otherwiseI'll spend the rest of my money here on junk.

Igotathankyoucardfrom Larry and Barbara for sending a wedding card, soIguesstheydidn'tgetthe chinayet.Speakingofchina,the catalogs haven't come yet so I can't send you one as yet.

I also got a letter from Fay and Norm in Utah thatwas veryinteresting.Itseemsthat Vic lost another VW when he got sandwiched between two other cars in thecanyon.So he†† nowdrivesaFalcontoschool.Noraywaschosen cheerleader of her class and is really goodontheuneven parallel bars and balance beam.

I'mgettinganxioustocomehome dear, it seems so close to reality now.I'msuresorryto hearthatthe girlsarecausingyouto be nervous.I hope I can sooth your nerves (?) when I get home.It must be rough to watch them both all day long.

Well,Iloveyoudear and I hope the money will get you by till next month.Oh, I just rememberedthatIwas goingto send you a run down of my expenses and earnings so far, by month.So starting on the next page you'llfinda quick run down of my wild spending habits.



March 15-31††††††††††††††††††††††† Tips = $l80.25

††††††††††††††††††††††† Salary =$52l.04

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Total = $70l.29

April l-30††††††††††††††††††††††† Tips = $347.25

Salary = $52l.04

Total = $868.29

May 1-31††††††††††††††††††††††† Tips = $337.95

††††††††††††††††††††††† Salary=$52l.04

††††††††††††††††††††††† Total = $858.99


March 1-May 31††††††††††††††††††††††† Total =$2428.57


Idon'tknowhowmuchtithingyou'vepaid but my salary for January and February would be another $800 onto this figure.

Ilove you dear, just remember that because no one can take that from you.


Cu-Chi, Monday, June 2, l0:30 pm:


It's evening, late evening andtheeveninghasbeen cleanedandcooled by a gentle rain which has now moved on and left only little puddles to carryonitsmemory.The nightis quiet except for the chirping of lonesome crickets calling into the night for someone tolove.It'speaceful herethisevening,aseeminglystrangething for a war zone.The peace ofthewearyandtired,thelostand lonely,†† thewoundedlyinginthe hard hospitalbeds thinking of home and past glories.Thepeacefulstillness isso loud it's almost more than you can stand.It's as if the world was waiting for someterriblethingto happen, afraidtoutterasound for fear of being caught, hoping silently that whatever it is that has caused thefear will passbyandnotnoticethesilent giant hunched in the shadows.It's a beautiful evening, lateevening,socool andstill,it brings a feeling of serenity and calm to the soul; it makes the worries of the day somehow vanishasif theday wasalways past and morning would only spoil the reality of everything.It's nice in Vietnam in thelate evening,a time to reflect and write my thoughts to the one I love that is so far away.

I just returned from the flickatMIDwhichstarred DickVan Dyke in "Fitzwilly".A real good film about some good guy crooks.We went overto the MP'slounge where theyhadalive show with two girls that only knew how to belly dance the bump & grind.It got old in a hurryso we leftand wentto the movie,besides, it was so hot and sticky in there it was worse than a sauna.

I thank you for the tape and garments andInow have enoughgarmentsto last me since I can't wear them while I cut hair - they'd be likea pincushionagainstmyskin. I'll save them till I get sent to the field or home.

Ihope you had a fun time at Disneyland but I imagine it just wasn't the same being alone.I'llmakeitupto you when I get home.It'slateandIloveyousoI'llclose while my thoughts are sweet.

p.s.Sorry about pageonebutIjust wantedto write something soft if I still could.




Cu-Chi, Wednesday, June 4, 8:45 pm:


Imustbesendingtoomuch money home because your letters are getting shortereveryday.Iguess youare prettybusy with the kids and all, but I would like to hear more from you if you can findtime,eitherthatorsome more tapes.

Iwas really tired today due to the fact that I stayed up late last night and didn't sleepwell.Iwasawakened by8"artillery landing near here and I got up to see what it was all about around 3:30 this morning.

Iwasgoingto bedearlytonightbut†† "Mission Impossible"comesonat 9:00pm and that's a must, so I'll suffer tomorrow.Andtomorrow night"TheSwimmer"with BurtLancasterison at the flick so I have to go to that too.

It was so hot today in the shop that I got dizzy but thenIwentand playedthatnewtape you sent me and although it was still hot I wasmorerelaxed,infactI almostfellasleepcutting hair.Istartedto write a letter about 5:00pm but I couldn't keep myeyesopenlong enoughtoget past the date so I went in and laid down on my bed to await the next customer and when Iawokeit was after6:00pmand I was supposed to be closed, so I finally got up and went for my mail.

Andthatwrapsupanotherdayhere†† in†† war torn Vietnam.Ihopeyou don't fall asleep reading it and tune in tomorrow for another episode.


Cu-Chi, Thursday, June 5, 7:00 pm:


Here I sit in my barber chair thinkingofyouagain. Tonightismynightto be open for an hour so I'll write you while the time flies.

Itís raining outside (off & on) and it's nice andcool anddamp.Itfeelslikea German summer evening shower. But here in Vietnam it's welcomemoisturetothefarmers whoarelate getting their rice planted due to the lack of rain.It really poured last night just asIwenttobed anditwasblowing from my unprotected side and splashing on me so I finally had to pull the sheet overmyheadand go to sleep.

It wascool all day today and sort of slow but I made as much money today as I didyesterdaywhenIworkedmy tailoff.SoIguessI'lljust take the breaks as they come.

I just noticed that my roof leaks alittle,toobad, I've only got 91 days left so I'm not about to fix it.

I'msendingyou a picture of the tape recorder I plan to buy plus some prices of others in case anyone elsewants one.Therecorderssell for about twice as much retail in the USA.

I hope you've remembered thatwhenthefamilymoves outofour house that we have to pay the last months rent. So set aside $l78 between now and then.Ihopethat5.5% raisecomesthroughatthe firehouse.That will be $92 /mo more than I earned when I gotactivated,notbad!We canusetheextra to pay the increased payment on our new house in a couple of years.Either that orwe'lltakean extended vacation to Europe and Russia in a year or two.

Ihope you buy yourself some more clothes before I get home because money might get scarceforawhileafterI comehome.We'vebeenlivingpretty fancy free the past few months.I love you dear, more thananything.Infact I'mevendoingexerciseslateatnight so you won't be ashamed of me.See ya in 92 days (I hope!).



Cu-Chi, Friday, June 6, 3:45 pm:


It'sacool rainy, drizzly day and not too busy so I thought I'd write you a letter.I hope you don't mind.

I received your letter that had thebackrub,neck rub, andetc.rub last night so I put them to good use with the help of my new vibrator.It felt5000good.Icanjust imaginehowmuchbetter it would have been if personally delivered.

I hope the weathergetsbettertonightbecauseI'm goingtotryandcallyou on MARS.If not tonight then tomorrow night.I just want to hearyour wonderfulvoice again.

Laugh-inison TV next door.The same one I tried to stay awake to watch Tuesday night.

I just found some more pictures lying aroundsoI'll sendthemtoyou, and I'm down to one roll of film if you happen tostopattheKodakbooth.And when youdo, where's the bikini picture?I can't wait to see you in it.




Hiagain.Justfinishedmyshower and exercises so I'm allreadytojumpintodreamland withyou.Iam waitingforMARS to call me back with your call so I guess I'd better think of something to tell you before then.

Everyone around us got hit pretty good last night so think we might get it tonight sometime.

Pixcalled about 6 o'clock to gossip.He says to tell you that "he still loves youandthathislovelifeis sufferingduetovariousreasons- mainly opportunity." He's going to Australia the end of this month and heandI aregoingtoSingaporeaboutthe20th of August.He's still trying to get his early out but doesn't knowyet.He saidthat his unit might move here to Cu-chi soon so I hope so.

Well honey, my brain can't focus on anythingmorefor nowexceptIwishIwerethereto give you a relaxer. (backrub!) Ha, Ha!


Cu-Chi, Saturday, June 7, l0:00 pm:


AnotherSaturdaynight withoutyou.It'sbecoming almostaregularthingaround here. But when you think about only 13 more Saturdays alone, it isn't so bad.

I sure enjoyed talking to youthismorning.Icould evenunderstand everything you said, just like downtown.I thought you said that the Bronzeware hadarrived-ifso it's anewrecordfor boats.I mailed it on the 26th of May and the boat takes 17 days one way,oh well!Ihope youlikedit.Ican't wait to get your letter telling me about it.I think I'll check on the crystal goblets whenI goto Singapore with Pix.I'll send you a china catalog as soon as they come so you can pick out another set.

I borrowed a Polaroid camera today and took a fewshotsof mesincemostofmy pictures are of the landscape around here.I'll send you a couple nowandthenifyoudon't mind.

Igatherfrom the picture of Jonette in the dresser that that is the green you painted it.Not bad!

The action has picked up around here, at leastinthe 25th'sarea.We killed over 600 gooksin the past two nights at a fire support base up near Tay Ninh city.


You wouldn't believe the sizeofthecockroachthat justattackedme.It wasatleast2-3"longand was hopping and flying around this little room trying to getmy naked body.Ialmost panicked but my "Black Flag" roach killer finally triumphed afterabout50squirts.Wow,I can't stand this place.

Iwaswritinginthe dark to avoid any more attacks and I couldn't see the lines.


Cu-Chi, Sunday, June 8, ll:00 pm:


I can't stand it!LastnightIwasattacked bya giantcockroach (which someone says is really a locust) and tonight also.I killed the one earlier thiseveningasI wasworking onmyhootchand put him in a box inside my carryall bag which I zipped up too.And then Icould hear him kicking,trying to get out but I hope he doesn't.And then as I just returned from a shower and wascooling off withasexymagazineandrolledover to write you this letter, another one was sitting on and eating a hole inthe pillowIhadmyarm around.Scared the pest out of me! But the roach killerslowed him downconsiderably.His corpse is still sitting in the corner where he died.

Today wasSundayand I went to church this afternoon as usual and when I came home I went to the pool withthe guysfrom the9thChem.It was a different world there. Musicfromstereospeakersfloating overthe†† grassy, park likeareaaroundthe sparkling pool.I almost forgot where I was for a while until we had to leave.

I had to come back here anyway and get to workonmy newside entrance to my hootch.It's right across from the bunker so it saves alotoftimeingettingthere.(I hope!)Ihad helpfrom a couple of guys with a skill saw but I had to re-do most oftheir worktogetitright. It'sbetternowanywayand I can isolate my bedroom from the barbershop so I can escape once in a while.

Things haven't really been too busy lately so it'snot hardatall-infactI'm halfway through "The Fall of Japan" just to keep my mind busy.

I love you dear andI'llsurebeglad whenIcan escapefrom this crummy place and come home to you.I sure hope we don't have anycockroachesatour house-I'll sell!


Cu-Chi, Monday, June 9, 9:00 pm:


Ilove it!You look fantastic in it!I love your new suit and can't wait to be with you onthebeachesofold sunnyCalif.I did notice the absence of a glorious suntan so I'll make you a deal, either a good brown tanorflat tummybeforeIgethomeinthreemonths.OK?If you really wanted to bad enough, I betyoucould doboth.I don'tthinkIwill care either way I'll be so happy to be home, but it would make you stop feelingguilty,havinga flabbytummyatage23-yourPRIME years.Those who endure to the end will be saved!

I'm laying here on my bed keepinganeyecockedfor anymoreofthoseman-eatingroaches that attacked me last night in here.They're SO BIG and SO UGLY that they makea braveman scared.I was going to send you one but it might scare you and the kids, so next timeIgetattackedI'll take a picture of one of them.

Noshower waterso I'm waiting patiently as the time goes by, just laying here listening to FM music and writing my love.


Isure like my new door I put in, except for one thing

- everyone else uses ittoo.Butitdoesgivememore freedom becauseIcanlockmyshoponthe outside to discourage people and still enjoy my bedroom.

I don't see how Dale and Gloria are goingto makeit onDale'ssalarybutI wish them the best.And I resent that remark, "I'm glad you didn't MAKE mework".You know very well I never wanted you to work at all because it took away my role as provider for the family.Of course, it was nicewhen you were working.You were always in top shape for the guys? at the office (i.e. no tummy).

But right now I'd settle for youany way,shape,or form becauseImiss you so.You know how much I love you so I'll close by saying it once more.I love you morethan fleaslovedogs,Jews love bagels, Mormons love seagulls, babies love messes.


Cu-Chi, Tuesday, June l0, 10:00 pm:


I'm glad you likethebronzeware.Thereareeleven differentknives,forksand spoons for each place setting so figure out what they're for.I ordered some catalogsso youcan pick out the next set of china yourself.It's just because I love you.

I'm laying here listening to Laugh-in on my FM radiooops,it'sthe Bob Hope special tonight.Oh well, I don't have to- stay awake now.I got back a bunch of picturesfrom thePXsoI'll send youafewatatime,like you send me.They are mostly of my trip to Saigon and the "Sniff".

Things are real quiet here atCu-chibut Pixcalled todayandsaidthatthey're getting rocketed every night now and they've lost three men in thelast - week.Hesaid he might be going to Japan this month besides Australia.

I'm gettingmybedroomfixed up pretty good now and I'm going to paint my hootch and shopsoonsoit'lllook good too.

Excitement,Igota haircut tonight.It rained this evening, hard.The movie was lousyso weleftandcame backto the TV.There was shower water at 8:30 pm.We had some popcorn tonight.Ididmyexercisesandthey're gettingeasier.Ithinkyoutakedivine pictures of my babies.I think your new bikini is very becoming andshows off whatyou have beautifully. (No comment!)I pray every night for your safety.

I don't know if I told you that PierceCollegeturned Pixdown on his request to re-enter school, so he can't get an early out after all.

I filled in most of the cracks inmybedroom so the roaches have a little harder time getting in now.

Iloveyoudear,verymuchand I hope that you'll forgive me for starting allmysentenceswithI,butI can't writeaboutthingsthat I don't do because I don't know about them anyway.



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