Cu-Chi, Wednesday, June 11, 8:30 pm:


Hark! What message through the mails doth flee to my waiting arms? Tis the message of love amidst the scent of butter made from fruits of the ground and maize that flowers into tiny puffs of goodness and alas vines, red as thy ruby lips and half as sweet. Oh what joy this me brings to ease the strain and pain of my loneliness.

In other words, thanks for the goodies". And tell yourself and my daughters thanks for the lovely Father's Day cards. All three of you are so thoughtful.

It was a cool day today due to the sudden rainstorms that came and went this afternoon. I was busy most of the day and cut General Black's hair, he1s the hippie general who hates to get his hair cut. I just might get a ride in a FAC plane come Sunday. FAC = Forward Air Controller. An Air Force Colonel, who's hair I cut, might take me for a ride and try and make me sick in doing so because every time you barf you have to buy a case of beer for the club that they go to. The FAC planes are the ones that go out arid find Charlie and then dodge, weave and loop the loop trying not to get shot while he guides in air strikes and artillery. It will be my first time in a small plane so I hope I get to go.

I'm trying to save my money, but it seems to flee out of my hands faster than I get it. But I'll make it yet. I have about $60 saved so far but I still have to pay $32 for my hootch girl this month. Mission Impossible comes on at 9:00 pm so in order to get to bed early I'm writing this letter now. I sure do miss you sweetie. I can hardly wait for the next three months to pass. Till tomorrow my love, take care.

p.s. I could use a couple more rolls of film if you get a chance.


Cu-Chi, Thursday, June 12, 11:00 pm:


Well, I received your letter about... but not your tape. Maybe tomorrow? I'm sure sorry you took my criticism about your short letters so badly. I didn't mean for you to get upset - just write bigger!

I just took my bucket shower because the water truck didn't show again and I had to stay open late tonight. After work I went next door and watched the Jonathon Winters Show and stuffed our faces with popcorn. (thank you!) However, before I took my bucket bath I did my exercises, 50 sit-ups (didn't think I could, did you?), and 15 push-ups (that's all I could do!). So 84 more days of that and I ought to be, if not slimmer, at least more able to do sit-ups and push-ups. It's all because I love you that I try to change what nature stuck me with.

I received a package from Cherilyn and Jim - one spray mosquito repellant and one roach killer! They sure knew what to send for this place. I'll have to write and thank them tomorrow. And what about that Hugo, getting more press than his war hero brother.

My girl Lan mopped my bedroom floor today. That's something almost unheard of in Vietnam. After I praised her so much she even volunteered to do my shop, but I had to cut some hair into my lunch hour so she didn't get the chance.

They're playing "No Other Love Have I" on AFVN-FM and it reminds me of you. I sure miss you. This is the longest we've ever been separated and I hope it's the last time. We have too many things planned to have them spoiled anymore. I want to go to Europe in two years and maybe include a little of Russia at the same time. We can't wait much more than that or we'll both be too old.


The girls 'sure look adorable in those fantastic pictures you take. I can hardly wait to come home and whistle for my baby again.

Well, sweetheart, it's past my bedtime and tomorrow is Friday the 13th so we might get a few rockets to scare us. I love you very much.


Cu-Chi, Friday, June 13, 10:00 pm:


I just got a CS grenade tossed at my hootch but I heard the fuse click so I walked out before the gas hit. The prankster almost set the barbershop on fire with the grenade which burned quite rapidly. That part of it made me madder than the CS gas itself.

Anyway - so far so good today. It was a nice day weather wise and Lan mopped my shop floor at lunch after which I rearranged my furniture to make it seem bigger inside. I was getting tired of looking at it anyway.

As I was cleaning out my footlocker last night I was unpacking my garments and found another tape and two combs, so thank you again.

And that picture of Nikki in her blue outfit on the couch is simply adorable. I can't get over how good you are with that camera. I'll have to study hard to catch up.

I just killed a big roach with my thong - didn't want to waste my spray since he was out in the open.

I received a letter from the Batts with some pictures of their trip to Calif. I don't know where you got all those new outfits but I like them much. That gray flannel suit is all right. And Hugo's girlfriend looks OK too. It shows that he at least has good taste like his big brother Jon. It sounds as if Cherilyn is getting a rough deal with Jim being gone for 11 months back east, a short leave and then on to this hole. I think she ought to have a baby or two first.

You'd best lay off that heavy eating. I realize that you're under a hardship and all that with the two babies, BUT I still can't stand fat women and you are not the kind of person that would look good that way. So do your exercises and watch that food. Remember, only 83 days till your lover comes home and you want to look your best, don't you?

Oh yes, dear, next package you send please throw in a pint of lacquer thinner for me. All my silkscreen stuff is just sitting here because I don't have any lacquer thinner to clean my screen with.


Cu-Chi, Saturday, June 14, 10:30 pm


Howdy Hi! It's raining gently and the sound on my tin roof is like 50 people drumming their fingers on a tabletop.

From the sound of your last Tuesday letter you are just a teensy bit jealous of Lan. However, you don't have to worry. If any seducing were to be done, I would do it, but I'm too short for that kind of hanky panky. Anyway, I'm more of a big brother to her than a possible lover. Have no doubts about my faithfulness - it's solid.

And so far as my tape recorder being too extravagant, have you ever known me to get anything but the best, to go first class? After all, look who I married, the #1 wife of all time. The world's best looking, most affectionate, cleanest, and above all my very own girl - you!

As for the rent money for Sept. that's why I send you $500 tax-free dollars each month, to take care of such trivia.


There's no customs on anything I send home now since I have my orders to return to the states. All I have to do is enclose a copy of my orders with anything I ship home and it's supposed to be customs free. Anyway, customs would only be $31 if I did have to pay it.

Tell Kerry that I don't know about his high-low impedance microphones but I'll check for him.

Otherwise, there's not much happening. I just returned from the flick "Hellfighters" with John Wayne and Kathryn Ross of "Graduate" fame. For a few minutes I was able to escape from this war and enjoy myself. It was a real good pix.

It was a very slow day today at the shop. I horsed around most of the day so I didn't get any letters written like I wanted.

Your tape still hasn't come and I'm beginning- to think someone stole it just to hear your sexy voice.

p.s. Thank you for the extra effort on the letter, I was very pleased.

p.s.s. Sorry mine 5 so short but I'm late getting my exercises done so I can sleep.


Cu-Chi, Sunday, June 15, 4:15 pm:


Just lying here on my bed this hot Sunday afternoon. I just finished a book so I thought I'd write a few letters to people around the world. I lay down after I finished work at 11:45 am, not eating lunch because I might get to fly in a FAC plane and didn't want to get sick, and lo and behold I fell asleep and slept through church. I felt guilty but I needed the sleep more.

One of the guys here that I know went to school with Steve Welborn. His name is "Tiny Blanchard" and from what he tells me, another guy that works at the CG's mess lives next door to them. I don't know his name though.

We're having a cookout tonight for supper so that's another reason why I didn't eat lunch.


9:15 pm:


Just had a rocket attack but it's quiet again now. I went swimming after the cookout and met one of the guys from C Trp, 1/18th at the pool. He just got in country last week. He was one of the last to leave Ft. Lewis before the June 1st cut off.



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