Cu-Chi, Wednesday, June l8, 8:30 pm:


I  love  you  too,  so there!  Who's  wedding were you supposed to go to on Friday the 13th? Whoever  it was  had the balls to tempt fate.  It won't last a year.

I'm glad to hear  that  Nikki is better.  I bet it's rough with two diaper messers.  I'm anxious to get home  to you and them again.

I  put  $75  in the  safe  next  door  towards my tape recorder or whatever I decide to buy.  I figured  if  I  put it in the safe I wouldn't spend it as easily.

I  got  a card from Marlene with the usual jabberwocky on it.  I sure wish she'd learn how to write so  it  can be read instead of decoded.

We  got  some more  rockets  at 6:00 am this morning and then they called a red alert so I couldn't go  back  to bed for  45  minutes and had to get dressed and put on my battle gear.  It wasn't so bad but it made the day seem longer.

Then, this afternoon I took Lan and Mama San from next door  to the  doctor  because the both had sore throats and headaches.  The doctor gave them both some cough  syrup  and aspirin and Lan asked me if she had to smuggle it out past the MP's or not.  So I told her that since it had her  name on it she could just carry it out.

On the  tape I told you about how I gave Mama San next door (a poor peasant woman but a hard worker) some soap  and candy  to  take home  and how she thanked me with twinkling eyes.  Well, today she brought me in a bunch of  bananas  as a  gift.  I  didn't know what to say except thanks.  It took me by surprise.  But they were  ripe  and  tasted  great  so every time  I  passed her  I  thanked her again.  She's even trying to pick up some of our  slang  like  #1  (good),  #l0 (bad),  etc.  Since  she doesn't speak any English at all it shows how hard she's trying to be friendly.  She  does  come from a village where 50% or so are VC, so I don't know what to think.  Maybe she'll decide  that Americans  aren't  all like the VC say we are.

Col.  Straugham,  the FAC pilot, came in today and told me that he couldn't take me Sunday because he had to fly  up to  Cam Rahn  Bay,  but  that  he was thinking of me.  So I still might get to go some Sunday.  It will  really  be  an experience because I don't like to get sick and I will.

Well,  sweetheart,  Mission  Impossible  is on in a few minutes and the men are yelling for popcorn, so  I'd better close for now.

Guess  what?  Today was  a milestone.  I could hardly button my pants when I first came over and TODAY  I  had  to cinch  them up  a  little  because  they were  too  loose. Hurray!  Those sit-ups must work.

I was given a 30 round magazine for my AK-47  today  so I'm  all  set  now  to  ship  it home when I think of a fool proof way.  And that Thompson I was going to get  for Larry

-  the  guy  sold  it just before I called Pix to get it for me.  $30 is all he wanted.  I could kick myself.

p.s.  I still haven't gotten your tape yet.  Did you  send one?


Cu-Chi, Thursday, June 19, ll:00 pm:


Late  again  tonight,  but  things have finally quieted down for the day.  I just finished my exercises  and bucket bath  and  reread your letter so I can relax and think once more.



This morning I grabbed a ride into Saigon  to pick  up my  clipper blades  but I didn't get a chance to get to the USO and call.  Besides that I didn't have any money,  but  I would have  borrowed  some had I got the chance.  But as I was saying I went to Saigon, by jeep, and when  I  got  back at  noon  I  heard on the news that the police were having a running gun battle  with  some VC  assassins  in the  same area.  I  didn't  see  anything,  anyway,  but I thought I'd tell you.

Lan didn't work today as well  as  most of the other girls,  some  Buddhist holiday  or something.  But come mail call time I got a letter, a roll of magazines (some German) and a package of German food.  Wunderbar!

I  knew  there  was a reason I loved you.  It's because of  all  the  surprises  you  pull  on  me.  I  was   really surprised to  open up  the box and smell some good sausage floating up to my nostrils.  It ought to make  a  real  good meal one of these nights soon.  Thank you honey!

I  had Lan get me some thongs that turned out to be too small for me so I'll send them home and you  can  give  them to Kerry if they don't fit you (which they better not).

Bill  Hepworth  is  still at Ft. Lewis and finally made Sgt. so I think I'll drop him a line and keep  in touch. think they are a fun couple if the kids stay home.


Cu-Chi, Friday, June 20, Midnight:


Some  heavy  artillery  is  going  off just outside the wire and being so calm tonight, they sound real  close.  The National Anthem is  playing because it's midnight and the start of another day.  And what a day it's been.  This morning I got the  urge for  a  little taste of that salami you sent me so I reached for it in the cupboard and it was gone.  So after  accusing everyone  of  grand theft  - salami, I decided to check the trash in case it had  gotten mixed up with  the wrapping paper  and thrown away.  But Lan had already taken the trash out so I had to go out into the big trash barrels  in the street  and dig  around  in the  garbage1 which was pretty raunchy  to  say  the  least.  But  I  found  the   salami, carefully wrapped  in the wrapping paper, and still looking good!  So I came back to the shop and cut me a  small  slice which was  great.  The  rest was  put  away  for a TV time snack.

Oops, AFVN-FM just went off the air for an hour  so  I have  to  tune  in AM for a while.  Those shells are getting louder every minute and could worry me  if  I  wasn't  awake already.

Tonight  after work  I went next door and we started a pinochle? card game at 6:30 pm and just finished  at  ll:30 pm.  It  took  us five hours to play to 500 points of double deck partners.  Then I had to come back here and count  the day’s  receipts and do my exercises before I could start this letter.  We ate the salami during the card game  along with some  crunchy  peanut  butter and some sodas.  It was fun to play cards again.  We'll have to learn how  to play  bridge so we can play against your parents sometime.

I'm glad to see you back sewing dresses again.  I want you to keep in practice for when  I  get  home.  I  received another  card from Marlene that said the exact same thing as the last one.  That girl is too much.  I  still  didn't  get that tape yet.  I hope you sent it.

Well,  my  loved one, it's way past my bedtime so I'll quit for now and write again tomorrow  night.  I  love  you more  than the poets can tell so I won't try to rhyme this letter.  Take care and spend your allotment check  foolishly because they're going to stop soon - 76 days!



Cu-Chi, Saturday, June 21, l0:30 pm:


I  received your Thursday and Monday letters today.

can't figure out why Thursday's is so late but I enjoyed  it anyway.

I'm  anxious  to see your new nightie on you.  Anything is sexy when you're in it.  I'm glad you  bought  some  new clothes.  I  was  beginning to feel guilty because you were walking around in rags.  Anybody that  looks  like Claudine Longee   must   dress  accordingly.  I  might  not  be Andy Williams but I try hard.

Your mishap with  the  camera  sounds  like  a  typical Jacobsmeyer.  It's  happened to me too.  The way you tell is if the rewind button moves  when you  cock  it.  It  should turn  the  opposite way that you rewind.  It reminds me also of me and the tape recorder.

Now that your parents are gone on vacation I guess  you have  your hands  quite full.  I only wish I could be there to help you out some.  As far as your back hurting,  I  have a good cure for that!  It's a deep, penetrating massage.

The  flick  tonight was  "Paper Lion"  and was really great.  I laughed through most of  it.  The  main  reason  I was  in  such  a good mood is that a Laurel and Hardy movie, "The Piano Movers", was first and got me  primed.  The  only bad thing  is  that it lasted until l0:30 and I was up till l2:30 last night.

I think I'll  skip  my  exercises  tonight  instead of tomorrow night and take the extra five minutes sleep.

We  got our first real monsoon rain this afternoon.  It got my bed all wet as well as everything else.  I  went  out and  started building drainage ditches and got soaked to the marrow so I closed early and went and took a shower and put on my civvies.

I  started to play cards again tonight but quit because I got tired of losing.




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