Cu-Chi, Wednesday, June 25, l0:30 pm:


Oh,  the  suffering  I  do  for you.  I just finished my exercises and they get harder every night  it  seems.  If  I didn't  like  the  thought  of  being  sexy  to my  lover I wouldn't bother because I'm always dead tired by  bedtime. But for you I suffer because I love you.

At  lunch,  after  a  very  slow morning, I felt what I thought was a piece of bone or wood stuck between my  teeth and when  I  couldn't get it out I looked in the mirror and half my tooth had just cracked and  fallen out.  It's  the same  one that has been giving me all the trouble, so when I get home I'll have to get it capped.  It's a little  shorter than the  other,  but  the  dentist  smoothed off the rough edges for me this afternoon.

Tonight I silk screened some  more  t-shirts  and  then went  home  teaching  for  a while, until Mission Impossible came on.  The one on  tonight was  about  a micro-circuit, crazy dope-heads, padded cells, etc.

I  get  some  more  pictures back Friday or Saturday so I'll send you one as soon as I get them.  Meanwhile I  still have plenty Vietnam countryside to keep you busy with.

I  have $l25 saved so far towards my tape recorder, but I won't have enough by payday to  get  it,  I  don't  think. Maybe next month.

I  sure  get head-neck aches to go with your backaches so I guess we're good medicine for each  other.  I'll hurry home.

If you can talk the people out of our house by Aug 31, you could get Hugo to move  the  stuff  and we  could move there  when  I  get home instead of staying at your parents. How's that sound?

I love you dear.  I've said that so much it seems  like a  cliché  or whatever.  Stay  tight  and don't forget your pills and prayers.

p.s.        Still no tape, but I got two letters dated March 12.


Cu-Chi, Friday, June 27, 9:30 pm:


The flick got out early for a change so  I just might get enough sleep again tonight.

A  treat  for you tonight.  I got the pictures back of my big airplane ride already so I'll send you one or two at a time.

Business  was  slow today and I only got your letter so (not to sound ungrateful) it was  just  a  normal  everyday type  day around here.  The only thing exciting to happen is that I went and got two more  uniforms  to  send home  for wearing around the house when I work.

Someone  just  threw a smoke grenade by my hootch and I didn't even know it until one of the  guys  opened my  door and  stuck  his head in with his gas mask on, then I noticed my room full of smoke.  Lucky it was only  smoke this  time because  if  it had been CS  gas (tear gas), I would have gotten the full dose.  One of the  guys  from chemical was just  telling  me how fast you can get killed with nerve gas (5 seconds) and how useless our gas masks  are  against  it. Oh well!  69 days and I won't even have a mask.

Those pictures  you're  taking  are really good.  Wait till I send you some lenses  (telephoto)  so you  can take portrait shots.

I'm glad Larry and Barbara like their china.  I can't even remember which one it was now.  Did I tell you that a similar Bronzeware set with  only 82  pieces  sells  for  $l44.50 here.  I guess we got a good deal after all.  Save me some love, I'll be home soon.


Cu-Chi, Saturday, June 28, ll:00 pm:


Another Saturday gone by.  I just returned from losing a  pinochle  game  but  it was  fun.  We  sat around a footlocker on cushions playing for about two hours.

I got some more pictures back  today  from the  "sniff mission"  I  went  on.  I  now have so many pictures to send you I don't know what to do.  I guess I'll have to send  2-3 at  a  time like you do so you'll get more excitement out of waiting.

The monsoons almost got here today.  It rained off  and on  all  day  today,  so much so that my clothes never dried enough to iron and besides, today Wild, Wild West was on  in the  afternoon  and Lan is in love with that #1 cowboy James West.  I just couldn't make her miss  that program or  she would hate  me forever.  Hai and Lan begged me to give them a picture of Nikki to  go with  the  one  of Jonette  they already   carry   in their wallets   You  send  such  cute pictures of our kids even the hootch  girls  love  them.  As far  as me choosing one of Nikki - I just couldn't because I think  they're  all  super  fantastic  and  you   as   the photographer  get  50%  of  the credit.  The rest goes to my good-looking daughters.

I found out who threw that CS grenade at my hootch  the other  night.  It was  Russ  Blanchard, the one Steve knows (whether he admits it or not).

If it gets much slower at the shop I'm going to  close up  and take a 3-day pass.  Everyone is out of money so they don't come in for fear of getting the wrath  of  the  barber on  their heads.  I have $150 saved up for my tape recorder but I need $238 so I'm still a little short this month.  Speaking of short.  I hope your money  is  lasting  the whole  month now.  You only get this one and two more before I get home, but that's $1500 in  3  months  and  even you should have trouble spending that much.

I  love  you  very  truly dear so take care of yourself and watch for Trojans bearing gifts or  something.  I'll  be home  soon  (I  hope)  and we'll take up where we left off, only better.


Cu-Chi, Sunday, June 29, ll:00 pm:


Just a note to tell you I still love you.  Dave Anderson came down tonight  and he  and  I  were playing  cards against the guys next door to a draw and quit before the last hand because it was so late.  It's even later now so I'll just enclose  a  couple  of pictures of me to make up for not writing more.


Cu-Chi, Monday, June 30, 8:00 pm:


I'm writing  early  tonight because  I'm going to bed early.  I'm really dead  tonight  for  some  reason,  mainly lack  of  sleep.  I  didn't  get to sleep till midnight last night because Dave and I sat  up BSing.  Today was  payday and business picked up a little.  I had a real bad headache so I took three Darvon.  They didn't seem to work so I  took another  and  everything was groovy till about 4:30 pm when my vision started getting blurry and I felt weird all  over, in  fact  I  almost didn't finish the last haircut because I couldn't see very good.  I sat down for a while and when  I got  up  to  go next door I staggered just like I was drunk. Wow!  I'm  still  a  little  dizzy but  I  don't  have   a headache.  This  is  the  first time Darvon did anything for me and it sure socked it to me.  It was  like  drinking  a 6-pack  of  Coors  or  something.  I'll be more careful next time.  It's just a good thing  it was  closing time  or  I would have really been in big trouble.


Right  now we're  sitting here  watching  the Grammy awards on TV and eating that  smoked  Salmon  you  sent  me. The  guys  say  thanks to you.  Ron Watson (the Chicago Cop) of 9th Chem. bought a  new Mamiya  like yours,  so  I  was showing him how to work it so he can take pictures as good as yours.  He also bought a new Akai tape recorder so we've been  listening  to the  tapes  you sent me.  Dave Anderson didn't get back to Tay Ninh  so he's  staying over again tonight.  It's  nice  to have him here where he can sleep without worrying that Charlie is going to sneak up and wipe him out.  I  have  a  real deep sense of compassion for him because he's out in the boonies and living  in the  mud.  I try  and make it as pleasant on him as I can while he's here because he's not here very often or long.

Otherwise dear, I love and miss you terribly and  can't wait to come home to you and your special backrubs.

I'm  really  looking  forward to your  tape  now that you've started it.

p.s.  Lan's boyfriend (an ARVN Captain) is  jealous  of  me. I guess I still have the old zing!



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