Cu-Chi, Tuesday, July 1, 9:30 pm:


Oh,  how  I  long  to be in your arms this very moment! I'm physically and mentally bushed and no help  is  on  the way.  I only hope I can hold together for 65 more days.

I  just  got back from the shower.  We're using the new showers now.  The ones with the chain you  pull  for water. Have  you  ever  tried showering with one arm in the air all the time?  It's  rough!  And besides  that,  the water  is freezing  cold  and tastes awful.  If I didn't hate sleeping with hair on my body so much, I'd skip the shower.

My pinochle partner Zip” (Foster Zebuth)  and  I  just won  a  game  against  "the Champs", so we're very happy.  I even skipped Star Trek to come and write you  this  letter because  I've  been  neglecting you the past few days while Dave was here.  I thought I'd write a long one  tonight  for a change if I can think of anything to write.

My  neck  and  eyes  are really bothering me now.  That bending my head down all day and close focusing of  my  eyes is really starting to tell on me.

I  didn't want  anymore  darvon  after yesterday but I sure should have had a good neck  rub.  I  slept  very  good last  night  and felt real good this morning.  It was fairly busy today so the day went fast.  A couple  more  days  like today  and  I'll have enough for my tape recorder - one that works

I'm truly sorry about the tape getting  screwed  up on you.  I  really look forward to your tapes even when they're screwed up.  I  sure  would have  liked  to hear you  and Jonette chattering.

I  just  fixed my  little  radio  to the big battery again.  My little portable will run for years  off  the  big lantern  battery   I   have.  It's   easier  than  changing batteries every week.

It's been raining real good here finally.  I would  say that  the Monsoons have started.  And Lan is having a tough time getting my clothes dry  because  it keeps  raining on them just before they're dry.

Well,  dear,  I  tried but I ran out of gossip for you. I sure do miss you.  I could really dig  a  back  rub right now.


Cu-Chi, Wednesday, July 2, l0:l5 pm:


How  the hell are ya?  I thought that would be good for a change instead of the usual I love you's.

I'm proud of myself.  I'm still a man of  principle.  I turned  down a  $1.00  tip  today because I didn't like the haircut I gave the guy.  At least money  still  doesn't  run my life, although it influences it quite a bit.

My hootch  maid  got a raise to $34 a month plus she's doing laundry  for  two  guys  next  door which  gives  her another  $30  or  so.  She  still  does all my stuff #1 so I don't mind her working for  a  little  extra.  She's  really nice  dear,  even you'd  like her after you get over being jealous.  The one thing that I can't get enthused about her is  that  she's  not built like you.  Her legs are short and plump,  while  yours  are  long and  slender.  She's   flat chested, while you’re ……….!  And besides that, she doesn’t give as good of backrubs as you.  I guess I’ll just stick with you  for  a while.  At least until eternity is over with.

I'm sorry to hear about Maria's  teeth.  Dennis  should have  checked her mouth before he bought her, any good horse trader knows that!  I'm sure glad you have  a  nice  mouth. Why, it even tastes good.


I  tried  to call on MARS tonight but they're running a mobile unit out to the troops in the field so I'm glad that the  line  troops  are  getting a chance to call home.  I'll keep trying and one of these days I'll whip it on you.

I gave up on my diet tonight.  I was just  getting  too hungry  and weak and not losing any weight to speak of.  So if I start to gain I'll quit again.

Don't forget your suntan!  I'll expect a  golden brown wife when  I get home and no reneging.  Get your lazy butt outside and get some sun in your new bikini.

I love you so much I can't stand it.  Take  extra  care now that I'm short.  Two months from Friday I leave here.


Cu-Chi, Thursday, July 3, ll:00 pm:


Just  lost  a  close  card game but went down fighting. We'll have to take up cards or something once  in  a while. Strip Poker?!

I  was  real busy today and at lunch I had Lan use the vibrator on my back and legs and  then  I  fell  asleep  and almost  didn't  open on  time.  My  legs  are  in bad shape tonight but I'll survive just so I can come home to you.

I had a  chance  to  go  on  a  Psy-ops  mission  this evening but  I  had to work late tonight, so I couldn't go. Psy-ops is Psychological Warfare Operations  and what  they do  is  fly  in a  chopper  over  the  jungles broadcasting surrender messages to those hiding on the ground.  They  fly at night so Charlie can't see them as good to shoot them.

I  got  a  letter  from Cherilyn today and she sounds depressed as I would expect.  I imagine Jim is even more  so where he's  at  because  Ft.  Polk  is really a bad place -swampy and hot.   The weather here cleared up after 2-3 days of rain and tonight  is  one  of those warm summer nights when it's nice to just sit outside and listen to the  crickets  chirp.  I'd stay  up  to  enjoy  it but it's so late and I still have to work tomorrow.

Oh yes, I just remembered that l00p is $1.00 so 1p  is worth  about  one  cent.  So in figuring that 430p I earned, just put in a decimal point and there it is.   $4.30

For the month of June I earned:

Tips = $292.65 + 200p

Salary = ?  I didn't go get paid but it's the same  as  last month.  Tips were low this month because everyone was broke for some reason.

I hope you have enough  money  to  get  you  by.  Don't worry  about  saving  too  much except the house payment for Sept.  I should be back to work by then.

The reason I didn't get paid is  because  they  started playing  games  again and for $4.00 I wasn't!  So I'll just get $4.00 more next month.

p.s.  Two months to go tomorrow (July 4th).


Cu-Chi, Saturday, July 5, l0:30 pm:


Another week gone past,  thank  goodness.  I  just  got back  from the flick "More than a Miracle" with Omar Shariff and that fantastically beautiful,  Sophia Loren.  She  sure is  good on tired eyes.  Of course the only reason she's so nice is that she reminds me of you.



It sprinkled on us during the last 45  minutes  of  the movie.  The  first  rain  in three days.  It was pretty hot here today but Barbara Feldon was being interviewed on  the radio so the time went fast.

They're  playing oldies  on  the radio and that really brings on the nostalgia.Well, I'm out of things to say so I'll  make  this  one short but sweet because I miss you.

I  hope you don't have too much trouble with your back until I get there to fix  it.  Stay  sweet  because  I  love you.

p.s.  I  just  got  out my pictures to send you a couple and the water got to them and ruined about 20 of them.


Cu-Chi, Sunday, July 6, 7:30 pm:


Hello, from the rain capitol of the south.  It  rained so hard  today for about an hour that the place looked like a lake with huts in the middle.  My bed got all wet  before I  dared  go  check.  Even when I did dash to my room, which is only ten feet away, I got soaked.

But my partner  and  I  won  another  close  card  game (double  deck  pinochle).  Then  I started to write this and got caught in another game which we  also won.  We  finally quit  at l0 o'clock.  I guess I should have quit and gone to bed early but playing cards takes my  mind off  this  lousy place for at least a little while.

I  sent  you  a china catalog today so you can pick out the one you want.  I have another copy here so just tell  me the  name  of  the  one  you want to go with our brassware. Personally, I like the  "Bancroft"  or  in the  ivory,  the "Virginia",  but you  run the household and I'll earn the money so you choose and I'll love it.  I also sent away  for a  silverware  catalog, the prices of which are in the upper right of the price list I sent you.  So you can see  they're inexpensive.

It  really  rained  today.  I  mean HARD!  The wind was blowing it down and there was lots of it  all  at  once.  We needed it though.  It was starting to get dusty again.

Col.  Straughm  just brought me  my  "Bronco  Buster" plaque for my scrapbook.  It's really nice too!

I went to church today but slept most  of  it.  I  was really  tired  after eating lunch.  I guess I'm behind on my sleep this month.  I went over to the  PX  after  church  to turn  in a roll of film and the guy wouldn't let me enter in civilian clothes, so I'll have to go tomorrow.

Only 60 more days sweetheart.  I don't think I'll  know how  to  act when  I get home.  I guess I'll leave it up to you.

I just about have enough for my tape recorder but  they don't have any in the PX yet.

Goodnight my  precious.  Don't ever forget that I love you every way.



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