Cu-Chi, Monday, July 7, 9:30 pm:


I  was  sorry  to hear about your illness but I hope you're over it by now.  The fact that a $500 check  couldn't cheer you  up tells me that you must have really been sick. I hope you enjoy it because there's no more till the end of the  month.  I  just have  enough to pay for my recorder so now I have to start saving for R&R.

I guess by now, or at least day  after  tomorrow,  I'll get  your  letter  about the 4th of July telling me that you and Jonette stole the show at the  Rose  Bowl  too.  I  hope you had a nice time, I only wish I could have been there to celebrate our knowing each other  five whole  years.  We've come  a  long way  in those five big ones.  I think back on them and we've had some happy moments together, as  well  as a  few  unhappy  ones.  I  only pray that the good Lord will continue to shine on  us  as  he has  in the past.  There aren't   many   of  our  friends  that have what we have together.  So darling, keep the faith  and dream about me once in a while.

The  monsoons have arrived finally and boy does it rain hard.  I try to stay out of it as much as possible.

Time for bed and alone I sleep again, not  even anyone to  rub away  the  aches  and pains of my days toils.  How sad!  Maybe soon!

As soon as I get my recorder I'll send you  some  gook music so you can get in the swing.


Cu-Chi, Tuesday, July 8, 10:00 pm:


I  hope you've overcome your illness and set about your task of spending the allotment check.  I realize that  it's not  as easy as it sounds due to the bills, etc.  However, I do want you, sincerely, to buy  some  more  new  clothes.  I look  forward to using our money for household items and you won't get much for clothing.  So  surprise me when  I  get home and be extra beautiful in your new duds.

I  have $2l5  in the safe waiting for my tape recorder to come in.   Now that I have the money they  probably won't get anymore in.   Oh well, then I'll be forced to spend it on clothes in Hong Kong.

My hootch girl didn't work today because her boyfriend beat her  up.  I'd  like  to catch someone doing that.  I'd either be a Charlie Brown hero or a goat by breaking it up.

It's raining right now and has been  since  about 4:30 pm.  It's  only  a  light  rain but makes beautiful mud all over this place.

I  didn't  get  a  letter  tonight  so  I  expect   two tomorrow.  That's  the part  of  the  day I look forward to most, getting your letter.  No matter how many  times  you tell me you love me, I still love to hear it again.

I'm  laying  here   trying  to think  of  something interesting to  say  but  this  place has  ceased  to  be interesting  and  is  getting on my nerves.  I get up and go to work, work all day, and quit and  go  to  sleep.  What  a life.

I  came  in  and went to bed at 6:30 pm tonight because the guys next door had to work late.  But tired as I was,  I couldn't  sleep.  So at  8:30  pm I  got  up and went and watched Star Trek and after that, here I am.

No TV on Tuesday & Thursday when  I  get home.  Those will  be our nights to talk.  I swore I'd not have a TV when I got married because you  lose  the  communication  between each other.  So we'll try it for a while.

p.s.       We  use  our  Social  Security  number  instead of our service number as of July 1st.


Cu-Chi, Wednesday, July 9, 10:00 pm:


Two letters and one from Russia  -  Jackpot!  At  least my wife still loves me, that's enough to keep me going.

I  just  finished watching Mission  Impossible, about some  stocks  and  crooked  card  game,  etc.  It's   always interesting  to watch  them do  it.  I  went home teaching earlier this evening but didn't find many  people home.  I even borrowed a jeep to get around in.  It was a good thing too, because it started raining and still is.


We've been getting the daily afternoon rains for  about a week  now.  I guess it's better to have mud than dust but I'll still be glad to get home.

My tape recorder should come in on  Saturday  so  rumor has  it.  A  lot  of cameras came in today but only lasted a few hours.  I wanted to get a tripod but they were all  gone by the time I arrived at noon.

I  was  surprised  to  get  an  answer from Svetlana so soon, if at all.  I guess the mail here  isn't  censored as much  as  I  thought.  Anyway,  it was  a sweet letter from her.  She's sort of disappointed with her home  town after two years of big city living.  I guess it would be the same for us too.  She sure travels a lot.  She either has  a  lot of  money  or  travel  in Russia  is  cheap  because  she's traveling thousands  of  miles  just  for  a  vacation.  Her letter got here fairly fast though.

And  she writes  such  newsy  letters.  If only I had married her instead.  Oh well!  Now  that  I've gotten you broken in, it's too late to change.

My  neck  really has  given me  one helluva headache tonight so I think I'll close this  note  till  Morgan when I'll have new and exciting stories to tell you.

I'm glad you enjoyed the 4th, next year I'll be there too (if I don't work that day).  I love and miss you  beyond imagination  so  do  take  care  of  yourself and the little ones.


Cu-Chi, Thursday, July 10, 1l:00 pm:


I wish I were home to pluck  you  and put you  in my collar.  It's been one of those days around here.

First  I  slept  through  the  alarm again  and missed today’s adventure of "Chicken Man" at 6:45 am, and  that's  a bad way to start off the day.  However, I heard the episode later on.

Next,  my  diarrhea,  or whatever,  kept me  busy  all morning between haircuts.

Third,  I  went  over  to the  PX and my tape recorder wasn't in but some groovy  electronic  flashes  were  and  I sure  wanted to buy one but couldn't.  So I settled for two rolls of film.

Next, I was busy all day and went in to  lie  down at 5:00  pm because nobody usually comes in then, and somebody did.

Next, I went to get some water for the  girls  to wash clothes  with and didn't get back in time to open at 7:00 pm (too bad).  While pumping the water into our holding tanks we watched 3 rockets hit near the TOC which sent us running to the bunker once we figured out that  they were  shooting at us.  And then we went on automatic "red" alert.

While  on "red" (attack against Cu-chi base camp) alert it rained and I had to stand outside  in  it  for  an hour. Then it ended.

Next,  we went in and my partner and I lost at pinochle by a high score thanks to two mis-deals and a renege.

And then to top it off I had to go shower in  ice-cold water.  Wow!  That's the worst of all.

Oh well,  another  day  shorter.  I got my R&R to Hong Kong, August 19-24.  Plus I got that can of popcorn  a week ago  if I haven't mentioned it.  But it's all gone already -but tasted great!

Good night lover.  I sure long just to hold you  tight again and know you love me.


Cu-Chi, Friday, July 11, 7:00 pm:


I  love  you again.  No letter last night but I did get one tonight so thank you.  I didn't  get  the  tape yet  so it'll  probably  come  tomorrow.  What with all your talk of no working tape recorder I almost sent you one from the  PX, but  I  couldn't  spare the $22 yet.  The tape recorders are supposed to be in tomorrow and  I'll  be  there  to  get  it early.  If  it  doesn't  come  I  might  just not get it and spend the money on clothes in Hong Kong.

As far as  Nikki's  certificate  goes,  it's  OK.  Lake View Terrace  is  a  suburb or community within L.A. so the records are kept at  the L.A.  city  recorders  office  and that's  why  they  put  down L.A.  If we were to move out of L.A. nobody would be able to find Lake View Terrace  on  the map.

Gloria must  dig punishment  or something.  If I were her I would have dumped it long ago.  I guess deep down  she really wants  to keep  it  inside her  and that's why she fights off labor.  Pretty scientific huh?

I can't believe you  made  fudge  and didn't  send me any.  What's  happened  to the wife that missed her husband overseas?  Is he sending her too much money?

I loaned Zip next door $25 to buy the electronic  flash I  mentioned  (I  think).  So I can take flash pictures now, at least until I leave.

If I can save enough money I want to get  a  28mm wide angle  lens, 135mm telephoto, and a 400-500mm telephoto when I get to Hong Kong next month.  I figure  to get  a tailor made  suit  or  two  and  some slacks too.  I'll contact the missionaries there to show me the best places to go.

I'm getting flabby again since I stopped  my  exercises but if you don't care, I don't.

The  movie  tonight is a comedy, "Nobody's perfect", so I thought I'd write early just to get  a  few minutes  more sleep.

This  week  has  snuck by again.  Only seven more to go before I leave this army, and no meetings when I  get  back. The Army  Times  had  an article about us today, that those who serve in Vietnam don't have to attend  any  meetings  or summer camp (I wasn't going to anyway - no matter what!).

Pix  called  again tonight  and  gave  me  the  latest skinny.  He  gets  his  staff  Sgt.  stripes  tomorrow.  Gin still  loves  him but  she's  out of his life except for an occasional piece if he feels the  need  and  she's  willing. Gary  and Linda  (his  brother)  are in their new house and love their pool.  Bruce leaves here  on November  13th.  He thanks you for the popcorn and says he'll write soon.

I  really love the watch you bought me dear.  It really is accurate now so that  I  don't  even have  to reset  it except once a month.  Thank You!


1l:00 pm:


It's  a  good thing I started this early.  "Grand Prix" was on and just finished, so I'm on my way to bed.  It  got so  chilly  at  the  movie  that I came back and put on long pants and a long sleeve  shirt.  I  stubbed my  little  toe while  doing  so  too.  Can you believe that I was actually cold over here?  It's summer too,  but  the  rain makes  it cold at night.  You should take a shower here, wow!  I love you dear, stay sweet.


Cu-Chi, Sunday, July 13, 9:00 pm:


I received your tape today but no letter.  I  hope you don't  stop writing  to your poor husband just because you don't understand his ways.

I'm very sorry to hear that Larry and Barbara fight  so much with  each  other.  For  someone  married such a short time they should still be  in bedroom heaven.  If  they're fighting that much now it can only get worse.

I  didn't  go  to church today.  I went to the swimming pool instead and got a glorious sunburn on my white body. At  least  there's  a little color to my skin now even if it is red.

I went over to buy a tape recorder at the PX today  but they were  all gone by the time I got there.  I even almost was going to buy a different one than  I  had planned  just because  I'm anxious  to buy  one.  I've been saving every penny for two months and I only now have enough to pay  for it.  Maybe soon.

I'm glad to hear that Nikki is healthy and happy.  She has fought a hard battle to get this far.

You wouldn't believe how hard  it  rained today,  just after we  came  back  from the pool.  My hootch was like an island in the middle of a muddy lake.  We had - to  fill  in the  ditches  around here  so the water just sits and makes mud.

I can't think of anything more to write  for  now.  I'd send you a tape but they don't have anymore at the PX right now.  But as soon as they come  in  I'll  send you  a  nice tape.

Goodnight dear, I still love you.



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