Cu-Chi1 Monday, July 14, 10:00 pm:


I  was  glad  to  get  your  friendly letter today.  At least now I know you still love me.  For  a while  there  I wasn't  so  sure.  Sticks and stones and all that, but names still hurt.

It was one of those days in the  shop.  I  work  slower now because  I  don't  feel like hurrying and the day drags on.       But after I got the mail with a letter and package  of goodies,  I  immediately felt better.  And tonight the movie was good, with Clint Eastwood  in  "Coogan's  Bluff",  so  I feel better now.

My  sunburn has  kept me  nice and warm all day and I imagine tonight will be a little warm also.  It's  nice  to look  at  my  shoulder and see something besides white for a change.  But ouch!

Short letter tonight dear.  Lan quit on me so my  place is  getting dirty  again.  She kept house around here like you would if you were here.

p.s.       Thank you  for  the  goodies  and  forget  the  German magazines till I get home.


Cu-Chi, Tuesday, July 15, 10:00 pm:


I'm glad you're so good at making decisions.  I guess the "Virginia'1 in the ivory china is what you'll get.  I can't really think of  anything  except how much  I want to come home.  I  went over to the PX today and asked the manager when the tape recorders would be coming in  and he  didn't know either.  So here I sit waiting.

I  bought me an oilstone to sharpen (or attempt to) my clipper blades.  I  sharpened my  knives  first  so  I  can butcher  the  mama san that steals the water from our girls. But I tried it out on one of my blades, so  I'm anxious  to see if it works or not, tomorrow.

I  can't believe that tomorrow we're really sending men to the moon.  It seems incredible that they  might  actually follow in the footsteps of Buck Rogers and Dr. Zarkov.

I  hope Gloria has  had her baby boy by now.  I think it's our turn for a boy next time.  We'll see.  I'm falling asleep while I write  this  so  I'd better quit and go to sleep.

I  love you dearest even with your many faults.  Please don't change any  till  I  get home,  except  for  maybe  a suntan.


Cu-Chi, Wednesday, July 16, 8:00 pm:


I  guess  I owe you a long letter since the last couple have been real short.  A few things have happened today  so it won't be as hard as usual.

First,  guess what?  I got my tape recorder today.  One of the guys went over to the PX and came  back  to tell  me there  were a few left so I'd better hurry.  Well, I grabbed my money and fled to the PX and bought one and  rushed back to my waiting customers.  About an hour later I got to play with it and set it up to hear the demo tape.  And alas,  one of  the  amps was  shorted out and would only play half the tape.  I blew four fuses  trying  to  get  it  to work  and finally  gave  up.  So I packed it all up again and tomorrow morning I'm going to exchange it or get my  money  back.  It had  the  leather  cabinet anyway and I wanted the wood, but beggars can't be choosers.  This is precisely why  I  wanted to  buy  it here  and try  it  out before I sent it home, because it's hard to exchange  once  it's  home.  Oh well, I'll  try  again tomorrow.  And to think that I was going to record you a big tape tonight on my  new  toy.  I  know you don't  approve of two of anything, but I like the feeling of extravagance it gives me.


No movie tonight so it's  Mission  Impossible  at  9:00 pm.

I  went  out with  the  chemical people after work and helped lift 60 drums of tear gas (55 gal drums) powder  onto a  truck  bound  for  Tay Ninh.  It was good exercise and my legs could feel the strain.

I felt like phoning MARS  tonight  for  some  reason. I've  been trying  for a month to call you and couldn't get through, and so tonight I just had the feeling to give it  a try  and  I  got  them on  the  first ring.  So if they get contact and my turn comes up, I'll give you a call tonight.

My new hootch girl is a hard worker and might work  out OK  except  she  doesn't  look  like the back rub type.  Too bad!

It's  sickening  to  lay here  and  look  at  my  tape recorder  that  doesn't work.  I  just  figured out why I wanted it in the first place.  It has a built  in amplifier of  40 watts, which is quite a lot for a tape recorder.  The others have about 8 watts.  So all I have to do is get  some good  speakers  and we  can have wonderful music.  I almost bought a Richard Harris tape today but I was in a hurry  and didn't.

So  tomorrow morning at 9:00 am I have to be at the PX to exchange my recorder and maybe I'll get some tapes then.

Taking off your ring when working in paint  thinner  is a  good idea.  Otherwise the thinner burns your skin where your finger sweats.  It's just like the burns I  get  on  my legs  when  I  get  thinner or gas on them and don't wash it off.

Keep working dear.  I'll be home before  you know  it. Have  you heard  from Mrs. Eisenbeiss lately?  Can we have the house September 1st?

Well, dear, I've run out of  things  so  goodnight  and maybe I'll talk to you a little later tonight.


The Shop, Thursday, July 17, l0:30 pm;


You're  getting pretty  good with  those long letters every day.  I really enjoy them too.

I just came back from the  shower  (the  cold  shower), which  I  do against my will every night because I abhor the thought of someone’s hair all  over  my  beautiful body  all night.  So  I  suffer through  the  cold  shower as fast as possible.

I just now got to the shower because  the  movie  just ended  and it was a fantastic flick.  Vincent Price in Edgar Allen Poe's "Conquerer Worm".  I, along with everyone  else, wanted  to really bring hurt on Vincent Price for being such a bad guy.  He was the witch finder of old England and went around hanging,  burning,  and  seducing witches for money. It was such a good movie I don't think I'll sleep  too  good for  at  least  a few minutes.  Oh yes, he was killed by the hero - chopped to death with an axe.  And all he had done was  raped  the hero's wife and was sticking her in the back with an ice pick to make her confess she was  a witch.  We had hot  popcorn and cold sodas to eat while we sat outside on this warm summer  night with  its  cool  gentle  breeze whispering just a dab.

Right  now  I'm  laying on  my bed listening to my new $228 tape recorder I  exchanged today  (Akai  l800SD).  I'm listening to the  tape Kerry made me.  It sure sounds good on my recorder.  There's hope for him yet.




I played the tapes you sent me today and put  everyone asleep   in my  shop.  It  really was  relaxing.  The  one feature it has that is handy is the  automatic  shut-off  so you  can put  on  soft music and when it's through it shuts itself off.  Anyway, it's a new toy for  awhile.  I'll  send it home  in a couple of weeks with all my other books, etc. It should arrive about the same time I do.

I got the word today that  my  R&R  to Hong  Kong was approved  for  19-24 of August, 50 I have to start saving my money in earnest.  I know I won't have enough to  get  all  I want but I can have fun at least.

I  guess  I'd better  not make this letter too long or I'll spoil you more than you already are.  As soon  as  some tapes come in I'll send you a couple.


Cu-Chi, Friday, July 18, ll:00 pm:


Dave's  here visiting again.  He took a seven-day leave to come visit Pix and me before he goes  on  R&R  to Japan. He  got his  school  drop  and  leaves five days before me. He's done with fighting for  this  war.  He  can  just wait around to process out of here.

We went  to the movie tonight to see "Fitzwilly" again for two reasons.  First, because Dave  doesn't  get  to  see movies  very  often.  And  Second,  because  it was opening night for the HHC movie in our mess hall.  It was  nice  to see Barbara Feldon again anyway.

After  the  movie we  came back and Zip and I walloped Ron and Dave in Pinochle.  Then I had to go over and borrow some  steaks from the mess hall for our party tomorrow night for Capt.  Shaw,  the  9th  Chemical  Detachment  CO,  who's leaving  soon.  While I was there I borrowed a gallon of ice cream for Dave to eat.  He doesn't get all the  things  that we take for granted here.

During  the  movie, when Barbara Feldon kissed Dick Van Dyke, he said, "Jake, do  you know  that  it's  been  seven months  since  I  kissed  a girl?".  Since I wasn't too much better off at four months, I felt sorry for him.  I  hope  I haven't forgotten how!

Tell  Jonette  that daddy is coming home on the Freedom Bird in just a few days. (48)

My tape recorder is great and  so are  the  tapes  you sent  me.  I  play  them in the  afternoon in the shop and everyone goes to sleep on me.

I'm healthy, not happy,  because  I  miss  you  and  am anxious to come home.

I  don't  know whether to have Hugo come and pick me up at the Airport and surprise you at home  or  call  you  and have you meet me there.  I guess I'll have to wait and see.

p.s.  I  got  letters  from Larry and Hugo today with a note from Robbie.


Cu-Chi, Saturday, July 19, 9:30 pm:


It's Sat. night and  the  guys  next  door  are  really corked (drunk) and making so much noise it's hard to think.

We had a going away party tonight for the 9th Chem. CO who's  going home  soon  and  initiated Dave  and  Zip  as honorary  members  of  the  9th  Chem.  Det.  Dave went on a "sniff" mission today so he became an honorary "Sniffer"  of 9th Chem. and I gave him one of my T-shirts to wear.

Dave  and  I  broke away at 8:00 pm to go to the movie, "The Extraordinary Seaman", with David Niven,  Faye  Dunaway, etc.  It was  a  riot but when we got back, the guys at the party were drunk and loud.  So it's going to be hard to  go to sleep for a while anyway.


I  hope Nikki  gets  better  soon.  I'm glad you know enough to take her to the  doctor  just  in  case.  I  don't think  I  could  stand  to lose any one of you.  I hope your throat is better.  I can imagine that it is getting to be  a nuisance.  Maybe  when  it clears up you can send me another tape so I can hear your wonderful voice again.

My tape recorder is  much  fun.  I  think  you'll  even like it once you get to use it, just like the camera.

The Astronauts  will be  on  the  moon tomorrow and I can't even get home for another 47 days yet.

I sure wish we had an extra $200  to  spend.  I  could sure  do  it  easy  in Hong Kong.  I hear that you can buy anything and everything there.

I can't think anymore so I'll quit for now.  I do  love and miss  you Janet.  I  realize  that your life isn't and hasn't been too easy during my absence,  but maybe we  can get  straightened out  soon.  I  hope we can get our house back Sept. 1st.