Cu-Chi, Sunday, July 20, 10:00 pm:


Just sitting here listening to the news of the astronauts going to land tomorrow morning.  It seems unreal somehow.  Of course, that I only have six more Sundays also seems real (un).

I just remembered that I haven't showered yet and I dread the thought of the cold, cold water on my body. It'll be nice to return to the land of warm showers and warm wives (at least I hope she is).

I went to church today after the slow morning I had (for a change), and was so tired I almost slept the whole time.  I should have stayed home and slept in bed but my conscience wouldn't let me.  After church I came home and lay down and tried to take a nap and the phone started ringing every five minutes.  So I gave up and went next door and played cards (and lost).

I got four letters tonight; yours, Svetlana's, Roberta's and one from Akai in Japan.  It sure is nice to get mail even if it is fudge wrapped in foil so it won't melt.  That Svetlana must have it pretty nice, traveling around like she does.  Russia is a giant land and her little trip is about as far as New York from L.A.  Her address is:

Svetlana Slusaryeva

Despansernee Street #9

Orenburg -14, Russia

The Russians do it backwards from us.  They put the address on top and the name beneath.  Good luck dear.

I hate Sunday nights just because it makes me think of Monday mornings and the start of another week.  I'm sure glad I don't have too many more.

From the sounds of your letter, you're apologizing for your wardrobe.  If it isn't big enough, go buy some more. You don't have to ask, at least not until I get home.

Take care sweetheart.  I'm coming home.

p.s.  I'm so tired, my brain cries out for peace, but there is no peace in Vietnam.


Cu-Chi, Monday, July 21, ll:00 pm:


Everyone's going to the moon these days.  I recorded the broadcast in case our kids would like to hear it ten years from now.  It's just too unbelievable to even think about.  We got to watch the TV telecast tonight about 8:00 pm and I felt like I was really there with them.  Of course, that's one of my major faults - too much empathy.

Dave went to Bien Hoa to visit Pix today and I was going to get to bed early, but here it is ll:00 o'clock again and I'm still writing.  I was going to send a tape since someone gave me three of them, but I was too tired to hook up my recorder.  So maybe tomorrow night.  At least MY recorder works!  (or did you get Kerry's fixed yet?)

I don't mean to cut this letter short but I'm really hurting for sleep.  You know how I have to be in the middle of everything and here it's no different.  I can't wait to get home and relax a while.


Cu-Chi, Friday, July 25, l2:30 pm:


Lunchtime and I'm just getting last night’s letter written.  Dave and Pix were over and I didn't get a chance to write until midnight so I put it off till today.


It was nice having Pix over but he couldn't stay very long.  He brought a design and I printed him some T-shirts for his unit.  I ruined the screen, or at least the design I had cut out, but managed to patch in the mistake so it looked half-way decent.

So we went to the flick last night and saw James Coburn in "Waterhole #3".  After the flick we came back and made some popcorn and talked for a while till about midnight.  It was sure nice having them both here.  I'm going to try and get to Bien Hoa on the 7th or 8th of August for two days.

Well, dear, I have a short lunchtime and I dread going back to work because I have terrible cramps in both legs so that it hurts to stand.  But no mercy for 41 more days.


Cu-Chi, Friday, July 25, ll:00 pm:


How much more can I love you?  Another tape today, PLUS a long letter to go with it.  I am beside myself to know why but whatever the reason - I love it~  Your voice has a way of cheering me up after a bad day and today was a bad day.  I had real bad cramps in my legs all day long and was so busy I couldn't take a break.  I sure wish you were here to take care of your big hubby.  Nobody can do it like you can.

Pix called this afternoon to tell me he made it back OK and that they liked my T-shirt printing.  So I'm going to try and go up on August 7-8 and stay with him.  There's an LDS conference in Bien Hoa that weekend and I can stay with Pix while I'm there.  I'm looking forward to it.

I was going to make you a tape tonight but it's hard to talk with the other guys here, so I'll wait till Sunday to tell you how much I love you.  But I do love to get tapes from you, even when you have to wind the tape by hand.  It must be terribly distracting.

It sounds like we'll be starting all over again on our house, but I guess it's just as well anyway.  Just as long as no major damage is done.  I think that you might talk to Jerry Giese about keeping their $200 deposit that was to be the last month's rent, due to the fact that they broke their lease when they sub-let the other bedroom and there is an abnormal amount of wear and tear on the house and yard.  It will cost us much more than $200 to repair the damages.  So, in order to keep you from getting mad, I'll let you decide , but if I were home I'd collect because I have to earn the money to fix the place back up.  As nice as they seem and all that, I think they really did OVER-USE our home.

That set of dishes doesn't look quite exclusive enough for the Jacobsmeyer's to use so I think I'll try for the bone china anyway.

I'm sorry to hear about Dale and Gloria's troubles but their turn should be coming soon.

More tomorrow after I finish work and have a little time to myself.


Cu-Chi, Sunday, July 27, 10:00 pm:


Another week flown by and I'm down in the thirties so get ready for me.

I'm reading a book that I hate to lay down, but I have to get to sleep early tonight.  The book is "Armageddon" by Leon Uris, who also wrote "Exodus" and "Battle Cry".  The book is about Germany at the end of the War, and specifically Berlin when the Russians came.  Every time I read about women getting raped I fear for my wife.  I don't know why except that I love you so much and you are so beautiful that everyone is a potential enemy.  I guess I'm just overly protective but I always will be.


I didn't make it to church again today, mainly because I just didn't feel like going.  I was so tired.  I lay down and took a nap from 1-4 o'clock but I didn't sleep.  I was just so tired I couldn't relax enough to sleep, so I just lay there in a stupor for three hours.  It must have done some good because I felt better.

Dave went back to Tay Ninh today but is coming back Friday before he goes on R&R.  I'm glad to have him just to keep him out of the field.  I want him to see that new baby he has at home.

I have two packages to send home.  Some uniforms and gook shirts that I bought for you but I think are just a little too big.  Maybe you can alter them a little.

My brain is going to sleep so I guess my body should join it soon.

New, clean sheets tonight so I ought to sleep like a tired old man tonight.

The bugs are starting to eat me up and I just found two hard boiled eggs left over from breakfast to eat, so I will.

Goodnight dear, I love and worry about you and pray for your safety.


Cu-Chi, Monday, July 28, Midnight:


Well here it is midnight again.  I could have gone to bed at 9:00 pm except that I'm reading a 700-page book that I can't lay down.  I started it Sunday and I just read to page 477 tonight.  I should finish it tomorrow if I get the chance.  A Paul Newman movie is on tomorrow night so I might be up late again until I finish it.  You know how I can't stop reading once I start a book.  I guess I'll never change.  I kept telling myself to quit and go to bed but I just couldn't.  I hate to stop now but I fear tomorrow morning.  I didn't sleep well last night at all.  I guess because of my long nap, but anyway I don't figure to lay awake too long tonight.

I was just outside watching the gunship helicopters shoot Charlie up outside the wire.  There go the machine guns again so I guess Charlie is coming to visit tonight. That doesn't seem too smart though because it's full moon tonight.  Oh well, the VC aren't the smartest anyway.

I'm tired of this place dear.  I want to quit and come home.  Nineteen more working days before R&R to Hong Kong. I'm glad to hear you're busy with your work.  It makes the time go faster it seems.

It sure rains hard here, almost thirteen inches so far this month says the weatherman.

My body is tired dearest, so I guess it's time to slow down for the night.  I still have to count my nickels & dimes from today before I go to sleep.  Payday Thursday.