Cu-Chi, Wednesday, July 30, 9:30 pm:


I'm going to be in bed by 9:45 pm tonight so this is a short one.

The night baker brought me  two  fresh,  hot  doughnuts right  after  I  finished your tape last night, so I was up till midnight again.

The papers say I have to take a minimum of 14 units  to qualify for GI bill, so we'll figure on that for now.

I  love  you  and have  a  splitting headache and leg cramps, so dream of me tonight because I dream of you  every night.


Cu-Chi, Friday, August 1, l2:20 am:


Why  is  it  that when we both sit down to write, we're too pooped to pop?

It's after midnight again and Dave is back and we  just finished  a  brilliant  comeback  victory  in pinochle next door.  We didn't even start till late  because we went  to the  flick,  "The Night They  Raided Minsky's", and it was great.  The only trouble was, each time  a  good part  came up,  the  film broke, especially at the end when she (Britt Ekland) takes off her  dress  and her breasts  flop  out. Wouldn't you know  it,  the  film broke  right there.  We almost had a riot on our hands  and me  in  it  too.  It's amazing how  nice  it  is  to  see a round-eyes body.  If I happen to just sit and  stare  at  you while  you  undress, don't  be  embarrassed but be flattered and make it a good show.  OK?  After these boys they call women over here,  I need to see some good lungs again.

Don't  overtire  yourself  because  I want you to be in good shape when I get home.  So take  it  easy  on  cleaning your Mom's house.

What!?  You  didn't  go  to  church!  At  least I don't have to worry  about my wife  becoming  a  fanatic.  She's still human at best.  I'll go this Sunday and miss next so we'll be even.

I think that's a great idea having Jonette come to the Airport  to meet  me.  What  could be more dramatic in her young life than to see her favorite  (I  hope!)  daddy  come home in the same plane he left in.  It's a deal!

I  love  you Janet,  or  at  least  I'd like to at the moment but distance hampers me.  Anyway, soon I'll  be  able to tell you without the aid of audio-visual graphs.

p.s.      Tell  that  Nikki  that  she'd better get to sleep or daddy will come home and use the old charm on her.

P.s.s.            Forget your problem and concentrate on  mine  for  a while.  You worry  so much that you're going to hate sex in general.  It'll work itself out.


Cu-Chi, Saturday, August 2, 10:00 pm:


Here I squat in the MARS station waiting  to  call you if  they  get contact soon.  If not I'm going to go back and go to bed and try next week.

Nothing new on the war  front.  Dave  left  for  Tokyo today for his R&R and I was not too busy this afternoon.

Well,  I  just  gave up for the night so I'm going back to bed and call you Tuesday or Wednesday after you  get  my tape and talk to Jake.


Back home:

Just  took  my shower and I'm lounging naked here on my bed with the fan blowing over my clean body.  I'm going  to hit it early tonight for a change.

The  new  adventures of "Michael Shannon - Private Eye" just came on so I have to listen for half an hour.

Those cramps in my legs get worse everyday but I  think I can last another two weeks or so, then that's all.

Those pictures  of Jonette  are  adorable  to say the least.  But dear, you'd better cure yourself of the yelling habit  before  I  get home  because  there's nothing I hate worse.

Three letters today,  Sunday,  Monday,  and Tuesday's, and  so  long!  Dear you're wonderful and getting better all the time.

Time for bed.  Goodnight Lover.  I dream about you  all the time.


Cu-Chi, Sunday, August 3, ll:00 pm:


How  are  ya?  No  letter  today  because  I  got three yesterday, but I have enough love left in my heart to  carry me through till tomorrow.

Just  finished playing  cards.  Two  games of Pinochle and one of Hearts.  I  won  all  three.  Would you  believe that  on  the  last hand my  partner  and I melded 196 and pulled 47 out of 50 for a total  of  243  in  one hand.  Of course  my  double  run and his double pinochle helped, but mostly it was my fantastic playing.

I was going to go to bed early but Zip wanted to use my  room to make  a  tape home, so I stayed for the other games.

It was good that I took a two hour nap this  afternoon, AFTER  church  (I  left after Sacrament because I was asleep anyway).  I just put fresh, clean, white sheets  on  my  bed so I ought to sleep good tonight too.

Two weeks  from today  is  my last working day in the barbershop.  I think I can last.

I'm saving my money like mad now for my R&R  the  18th, but  I  still won't have enough.  I imagine I'll spend most of it on you anyway.  So I guess it doesn't matter how much I save, I'll still never have enough.

You know sweetheart, I'm sure glad I have someone like you to love.  If I couldn't buy gifts or treat you good,  or do  everything  I  can to make you happy - I wouldn't be happy.  It makes me feel good when I give you  something.  I guess  because  I  don't have too much to offer you in life except my devotion and undying love,  in  return  for  those lovely  daughters  you  gave  me.  Oh, how I long to be home right now.  One more month dearest.

Time to go to sleep  now  since  it's  nearly  midnight again.  See ya tomorrow night.


Cu-Chi, Tuesday, August 5, 10:00 pm:


Hello!  You're so wonderful, ta taa dee dee dum!

We had a  birthday  party tonight for Sgt. Pugh of 9th Chem. Det.  But when I asked the mess Sgt. for  some  steaks and maybe  a  small  cake,  he  must have thought it was my birthday and gave me 25 steaks and a  two-layer  cake with butter  icing that was out of this world.  I thanked him ten times just to let him know how  great  it was  because he baked  the  cake himself  and made  the icing and even put "Happy Birthday Jake" on  the  top  in  color.  So you  see dear, I do have a few friends around someplace.


My hootch maid "Mai" keeps bringing me fruit and stuff and I keep giving her  soap,  which  is  about  all  I  can without  the  MP's  taking it away.  I gave her enough money for a new hat the other day and she apologized because  the store didn't have any, so she couldn't get it yet.  We're  about  due for another rocket attack soon.  It's been a month now so Charlie ought to shoot a few  rounds  in soon  to  show  us  he's still alive out there.  It's really been  slow  around  the  Division  as  far  as  battles  go. Charlie is getting hard to find.

Oh yes,  I  forgot to mention in last nights tape that if you fail to get any of the classes you can substitute  at will  to get my 14 units.  I just hope I can swing it at the firehouse.

Pix called today to see if I was still coming down and then  called back  to  see when I was going on R&R to Hong Kong because he could go on the 28th.  But  I  go  from the 19-25th,  so he's trying to go with me.  It would be fun to go with him but I don't  trust myself with him.  Alone  I know  I'm chicken but with Pix there, who knows?  I got him an AK-47 today from a friend in MID  (Military  Intelligence Detachment)  and  I'm taking my silk screen down on Saturday to give Pix.

I love and miss you dear, so be careful  of  everything and everyone.

p.s.      I wrote Svetlana today.


Cu-Chi, Wednesday, August 6, l0:30 pm:


It's time for your faithful hubby's report on the war.

About  the washer  and dryer, think it over before you get  avocado  over white.  You  just  might  get  tired of avocado  someday.  But  finance the whole thing and keep the $300 for emergencies that may come up.  I thought you were getting an electric range?  Either is fine.

Today wasn't too bad because I just kept thinking only a week and a half more  to work.  It  sometimes  makes  the time go faster.

This  evening three of us went over to the MP's club to a live show.  There were four guys in the  band and three girls, one singer and two dancers.

I  just  dream about my wife dancing for me like that sometime.  So practice up dear.

I can't think of much to say  this  evening  except  I love you and within a month I'll be with you again.

The  bugs  are massing to attack me again so I'd better quit and fight them off.