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This is my life.

I was born in Hollywood, California just before the start of the big war.  I grew up in Sunland, a suburb of Los Angeles, and did all the normal things that boys of my generation did, i.e.; played with firecrackers, pitted scorpions against red ants in a jar, threw dirt clods as hand grenades, dug foxholes in the grape vineyard next to our house.  It was a great existence and I grew up semi-normal.

Helping out in the raising of this semi-normal boy child was the fact that I had three brothers and four sisters and the eight of us helped keep life interesting for my sainted mother.  My father was a career firefighter and worked as an electrician on the side to feed his hungry rug rats.  It was the best of times and very rarely the worst of times.  Ours was a strong Christian home and we attended the local Mormon church regularly.  School was a necessary part of life and I gave it average endeavor and by some strange manipulation of grade points was accepted into the University at the age of seventeen.  It was a quick ride and I realized that I was wasting my parents hard earned money so I quit after the first two quarters and went home to work.

I spent thirty months in Germany as an ordained Minister with my own small congregation and learned the language and customs which have been valuable throughout my adult life.  Shortly after returning home I took the exam to become a firefighter, found the girl of my dreams, and joined the Army National Guard.  I was appointed off the top of the civil service list to become a fireman, married the girl of my dreams and was ultimately sent to Vietnam by the Presidential activation of my guard unit.  I was stationed in Cu-Chi which was headquarters for the 25th Infantry Division and survived to return home and continue my education at the University under the GI Bill.  I ultimately earned an Associate of Arts and two Bachelor of Arts degrees before quitting short of getting my masters.  

My beautiful wife moved on to new challenges after nineteen years leaving me to raise the four kids as best I could.  It was interesting but very fulfilling.  Thirty years with the Los Angeles City Fire Department was enough for me even though I was an Engineer or driver for the last twenty, and I retired on April fools day in 1995.

After traveling the World for eight months with a world renown photographer I became bored and accepted a job offer with a company that makes rockets that guide the Space Shuttle, Satellites, etc.  That brings it up to this point.  The following pages are pictures of my life and family and the things I love.  I hope you enjoy them.

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