Cu-Chi, Tuesday, March 18, 6:00 pm:


I'm  just  laying here on my bunk cooling off after my shower.  It was a hard day at the barbershop  and  my  feet are  killing me.  I took some pictures this morning and took them in to be developed but  it takes  12-13  days  because they  go  all  the way to Hawaii for developing.  As soon as the pictures come back you'll see what it's like  over here a  little better.  I can take whatever they put down but the hardest part is being away from you and the babies.

The skies are getting cloudy more  often now  and  the monsoons  should  start  in  a month or two.  I care less as long as I'm the barber.  At least I  have  a  roof  over my head.

I  missed a good movie last night so I'm going tonight -makes sense huh?  Peter Sellers  in  'The  Party"  was  on last night but I was just lounging around and didn't go.

Could you  please send me some civvies.  A pair of wash and wear slacks, 35x34, a shirt (that blue nylon  one would be  great)  and my blue pants (with the cuffs) and a pair of swim trunks.  After 5 o'clock I hate to have to put  on  my uniform to go out (as if anyone cares anyway).

Everyone  in the world is coming in the hootch and you know how I can't resist a bull session.

Well,  back  to  serious writing.  Mama-san  did  my laundry  today  for  a price ($2.00) but she looked like she needed the money.

Just got back from the movie "Sweet November".  It was sort  of  a tear jerker and all I could think of was you and how soft and nice you are, but    

p.s.        A pair of Bermudas would go good also.


Cu-Chi, Wednesday, March 19, 6:00 pm:


Still no mail.  I don't really  expect  any  mail  from you  before  the weekend because of the time involved.  I do know that you will write as soon as you figure out where  I am  (which isn't always clear).  I do figure on keeping this job for the duration of my stay which (cross  your  eyes)  I hope is December the 1st.

I  just  got word that Elvis Presley is on at the movie tonight so I'll probably go.  There's not much else  to  do. I  look  forward to this time of the day when it starts to cool off.  I've had a shower  and a  refreshing breeze  is running  across my back as I lay on my bed and write to you, even though I don't have anything exciting to say.

We still haven't been hit although all the  surrounding camps  have  been busy  every night.  Just my luck that the first time we get hit a mortar will  land on  my  bunk  and send  me  to the  celestial world.  If it's like Vietnam I don't want to go.

I just fixed one of the guy’s tape  recorders  and that reminded me,  if you want to, there are six little tapes up in the closet that you can record and send to  me  as  voice letters.  I sure would like to hear your voices again.


Cu-Chi, Thursday, March 20, 10:00 pm:


I  cut my  first General's hair today.  No big thing!  He was  only  the  Deputy Commander   of   the  Division.  Yesterday  I  cut  the Chief of Staff's hair.  Made another $10.00

in tips today even though it was a  slow  day.  I  spent  $6.25  on  a pair of slacks that I turned into Bermudas for lounging around after my shower at night.


Just got back from the  movie  "Jigsaw" with  all  our favorites.  Susan St. James, Hope Lange, etc.  It was quite good.  It even had a naked body in  it.  It  cooled off  so much  at  the  show  that  I  was  getting  cold  in just my Bermudas and tee shirt.

The B-52s have been rattling the hootches  again.  They really  do  shake the ground with their big bombs.  I'm sure glad that they are on our side.

I almost went out and bought a tape recorder today  but I  think  I'll wait and ask around the barbershop.  Maybe I can get a deal and then you can  record me  some  tapes  on Kerry's  tape  recorder  (7")  of our records. (please do it anyway because there are plenty of  tape  recorders  around. In  fact we're listening to Glen Campbell right now on one of the recorders.  So go buy a few 7" tapes and record them -stereo  at 3 3/4 in per sec.  Dean Martin, Nancy Wilson, 101 Strings,  as  well  as  Country Joe  and the  Fish,   Iron Butterfly,  etc.  Have  Kerry help you  set it up with his machine.  There's artillery going out with the  usual booms  but nothing exciting.

Oh yes,  I don't get much vitamin C around here if you happen to find a spare bottle somewhere.

p.s.  I told the Army that you lived in  a  duplex next  to your parents  but not with them, in case anyone asks.  It's worth $30 more a month.


Cu-Chi, Friday, March 21, 5:30 pm:


Hurrah!  I just got my  first  letter tonight.  Happy days,  you  can't  imagine how lonely it got not getting any mail.

Just one thing bothers me though, apparently you  just got  my  first  letter  about working in operations and the next one will say that I'm going  to the  1/5th  Inf.,  but then  the  next  one  after that will  say  I'm back  at Headquarters as the barber.  So I imagine  that you'll  get thoroughly   confused before you  finally  get  the  right letter.  Anyway, I'm safe.  The check was for the month of March and  included all kinds  of  different bonuses.  By the time I get April's pay I should have a little money saved up to  send home.  This barber job pays pretty good.

I'll write  to Jim and wish him the  best  in his forthcoming marriage.  And as for Dale and his chain letter, 20  copies  seems just a few too many.

Today was  a  slow  day  at the barbershop and I only made $7.80 but Lewis (the  barber that's  going home)  cut some hair  this  morning while  I was at the PX.  I got my Bermudas taken in and hemmed for 80 cents.

I went over to the hospital to get  some  razor blades this  morning  and  saw a chopper bring in some wounded.  It almost made me sick and you know that's not  easy.  The  guy I  saw was hit pretty bad and very bloody.  It just made me glad that I'm not in the  field,  but hanging out  in my little barbershop.

a    There's  no movie tonight because they poured a cement slab where you are supposed to sit and  it hasn't hardened yet.

Thanks  for writing so soon.  I'm sorry I couldn't give you my address over the phone but they won't allow you to.




Cu-Chi, Saturday, March 22, 6:15 pm:


I got three letters tonight and I'm just really on  top of  the world.  It's  so  nice to get your cheerful letters after a busy day of barbering.  Just  reading your  letters makes  us seem closer together.  I'm glad to see that you're not wasting air mail stamps on my  letters  because  letters and packages  up to  5  lbs go air mail from San Francisco anyway.

After getting your letter about Jim and  Ilene  getting married  I wrote them a letter and went out today and bought a service for eight of chinaware  to  send them.  BUT  it's the  most beautiful  china you've ever seen.  It's made by Noritake and has  a  raised  design  around the  edge with silver  edges.  Now  that  I have it here I can't decide who to send it to, you, Larry and Barbara, or Jim and Ilene.

It's a 63-piece dinner set and only cost me $36.50 but weighs 50# lbs.  It's really beautiful so I think I'll send it to you and go down and buy them some other.  A  56  piece set  only  cost  $23.00  and  it all goes customs free up to

~  I think I'll buy us a couple of sets and send them home.  I  can buy everything I want out of my tips, which run about $10 a day, six and a half days a week. (I  get  Sunday afternoon  of f)  So after  I  buy  a  few things I'll start saving for our R and R in Hawaii.  I should have  enough  to really live for five days or so with my honey.

We're  on yellow alert tonight.  That's just some hair brains idea that the VC are going to attack us  tonight.  It would be  fun  just  to watch the action, but Charlie isn't coming anywhere near here.

You might hear about some of our  units  on the  news.  We  cover Tay Ninh, Dau Tieng, Hobo Woods, Michelin Rubber Plantation and most of  the  area west  and northwest  of

Saigon.  We  are  sort  of  right  in the path that Charlie takes to Saigon so he says Hello in passing.  Tomorrow is Sunday again and my half day off.  It  sure feels good.

I  can't get any color print film here.  They're always sold out except for slides and I don't want  slides  because I can't send slides through the mail so good.

p.s.  The  china will take a month or so because it goes by boat.



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