Cu-Chi, Wednesday, April 2, ll:30 pm:


I  didn't  do much barbering today because I was at the dentist getting my tooth  filled again.  The  filling they gave  me at Ft. MacArthur fell out on the plane coming over, then I had it filled in Lon-binh before  I  came here  and that  filling  fell out at chow last night.  So today I went and got another one put in.  It's such a good color match you  can't see it and it's a synthetic enamel type cement so it's real hard.  I just hope it lasts for a while.

I got me an AK-47 Chinese assault rifle today so now I have  to figure a way to get it home without any risk.  I'll think of something or another.  It's a real cute gun and it didn't cost me anything.  Can I keep it?  OK?  Please?

Sgt  Dave Anderson from the 1/5th Mech. Inf. came over again so we're still trying to get him here into Cu-chi  and out of the field.  He's really taking a beating out there.

Went  to the movie tonight and saw "The Honey Pot", a pretty good murder mystery.  I also bought me a photo album  today  to put your pictures in so I can look at them all the time.

I'll  call you when I  go  into Saigon Sunday so be home.  It'll be Saturday where you are  and you  should be there.

I love you so stay sweet and humble like me.


Cu-Chi, Thursday, April 3, 9:30 pm:


I'm lonely tonight so I'm going to go to bed early dream about you.  I was busy and on my  feet  all  day and so after  supper and my shower I laid down and took a nap.  It sure felt good after being up late the last two nights.

I went down and ordered some  china  for Larry  and Barbara  today  and  I'll  send off the slip tomorrow so it ought to get to them late this month  or  so.  It's  not  as nice  as  ours  but then that would be dumb to give equal china away.  I'll save the special sets for you and me.

I'm really looking forward to calling you when I  get to Saigon.  I  have  so much to say and yet when I talk to you I'll probably forget everything except I love you.

The General came in again today and all he  could talk about was  the  neck  rub with the vibrator I gave him last week.  He didn't have  time  today  though.  He's  really  a likeable old guy for a two star general.

Here's  my latest list of things I could use: A picture of you!

A good back rub!

A little rain to keep the dust down.

Oh yes, when you use the flash plug it in and  let  it set  and  charge   for  l0-15  minutes  before you  start shooting.  1t111 put out more light then and your pictures will  turn out better.  And my brilliant wife, your figuring about the flash number was perfect, 5-6 is  right.  You  are so  smart it scares me.  You might become too smart and want your independence like Pix and Gin  (his wife who  left him).  Stay  just  a  little  dependent  on me, OK?  I need someone I can work for and accomplish  things  for,  namely you!

The wind  is  turning around  so the rains should be coming soon.  I'll let you know  if  the Monsoon  compares with the great Los Angeles floods.





Cu-Chi, Friday, April 4, 1l:30 pm:


Tonight was  a  jackpot night on mail.  I got a letter from Pix 30 miles away, dated 15  March,  two  letters  from you  postmarked  30 and 31-March, a package with clipper oil in it, another bunch of magazines from you  and some  army magazines  for the barber  shop.  It took me 30 minutes to read it all and I still haven't looked at the magazines.

Tonight at 5:00 o'clock I quit barbering and rebuilt my  room.  I  put down a new floor and extended the wall out so my bed could turn around sideways, put in a wall  locker and new screens.  It's really nice now compared to the dirt sump the other barber lived in.  You know how I  hate to have  things  dirty  anyway  and especially where I have to sleep.  So I got most of it done tonight and as  time  goes on  I'll  finish  this  place  into a  "Class One" room for myself.

I'm going to Saigon Monday instead of Sunday  so I'll call you Easter Sunday - so be home!  Other than working on my room and fixing the place up there isn't much to report.  Every once in a while something explodes  outside  and makes  my heart beat a double skip, but it's been real quiet here (knock on straw).

My hootch girl got sick so I had a new one today  and she  didn't stop smiling and laughing from 9 am to 4 pm.  It seemed as if she'd been smoking dope the way  she was  so happy.  I'll  see  if she's the same tomorrow before I judge her.  She's a cutie though, about  14-15  or  so,  a  little young but  then so were you when I met you.  Now you're older and more mature and just the way I eat up on.


Cu-Chi, Saturday, April 5, ll:00 pm: (239 days to DROS)


I love you more than ants love sugar, more  than  flies love  garbage pails,  more than kids love dirt, more than anything else in the world.  I just got back from the flick where I saw  "Rosemary's Baby".  Man,   I  can see why women get  jittery  during pregnancy.  That movie made me feel sad for poor Mia Farrow except that she cut her hair too short.  I'm sure glad that we have healthy, good-looking girls.  You  really  know how to  do  it.  When I get back we'll have to try again.  Maybe we can make a singing group, "The Jake Sisters”.

Tomorrow is Easter here  and today  I  received three Easter  cards  from my  three  favorite girls, Dee, Sue and Sandia.  Oops, I mean Janet, Jonette and Nikki Lynne.  You girls  sure know how to make a daddy feel proud and cheer him up.  Keep up the good work.

My neck has  been bothering me  the  last  few days because  I'm always  looking down at the people’s heads.  I make it through the day, but just barely it seems. I'm going to Saigon Monday,  Easter Sunday  to you. When I call you'd better be home or I'll really be mad.

Guess what? My  civvies  came  tonight and I went to a short timers party (he goes home Monday) with my Garden of Eden tee  shirt  on and they  loved it.  They want me to screen some  tee  shirts  for  them.  The   9th  Chemical Detachment  Sniffers.  They go out in a helicopter with some sophisticated machine and fly about at treetop  level  and the  machine tells them if anyone is in the area by the dust and body ammonia in the air.  I hang out at their TV room a lot  so  I  thought I'd try and do it if you can send me the stuff.  It's in the garage in the cabinet in a box near the records.  I'll  need a frame (the General Telephone one will do), a can of lacquer thinner,  acetone  (adhering  liquid) and the  ink  (black,  red or  green and whatever else), a squeegee, some lacquer paper (the orange  stuff),  my  exacto knife and whatever  else you  think  I  need.  If you can figure it out and send it, OK.  If not, then also OK.  It's not important but would be fun.


Cu-Chi, Sunday, April 6, 9:15 pm:


It's your  #1 big, bouncy lover man calling you again. Keep the home fires burning 'cause I'm coming home  in only 238 days and a wake up. (or sooner)

Today was  Easter Sunday and I greeted everyone with a happy Easter today to set the mood.  It was  a beautiful, quiet  morning  and  stayed  nice  the whole day.  I went to church this afternoon and gave a little thanks for you  and the  girls  in  fast meeting because I want everyone to know how much I love you.

My ears are playing tricks on my heart  tonight.  Every so  often  a  big  explosion  rocks the hootch like a rocket coming in and my heart skips 2-3 beats  and  then  tries  to catch  up  all  at  once.  Everyone  says  you can hear them whistle when they come in but I sure didn't  the  last  time and  now with  the  radio and fan going, helicopters flying overhead, jeeps going by and the  TV  next  door  too  loud, it's all I can do to concentrate on writing this letter.

It's  a  beautiful  evening tonight and I don't have to work tomorrow because I'm going to Saigon to  call  you,  so it's  double nice.  Would you believe one month ago tomorrow I left the World to come to  this  cockroach  paradise.  The first one went fast so I hope the rest go even faster.

Pix  called  today.  He's  lonesome for a buddy to hang around with.  He said he got a letter  from  you  and  sends his love back.  Good girl.

I  spent  an  hour  this  evening taking apart my AK-147 rifle, trying to figure out how to  ship  it  home.  I  need some  liquid  wrench to get one piece off and then I'll have it in small enough pieces that I  can  ship  it  home  easy. It's really cute.  I  get  my  first  ride  in a helicopter tomorrow so it ought to be exciting to say the least.

I finally got me a real GI Bush Hat  like  you  see  on Walter  Cronkhite.  I put my little Sgt stripes on the front and a Tropic  Lightning  patch  on  the  side  at  a  rakish angle.  Wow,  do  I look like a real soldier now when I walk around.

My ears just made me hit the floor again.  I  heard  an unknown  whistle and hit the floor but it only turned out to be a diesel truck coming by.  It's  good  I  live  alone  so nobody laughs at me when I duck.

Do  you  know that I've received to date almost $260 in tips?  I don't know where it all went because  I  only  have about  $100 on me now.  However, I ought to start saving now 'cause I have almost everything I need  now.  I'm  going  to fix  up  my  barber  shop in the next while after I send you $200 to buy you a birthday present with.

I just counted up how  much  I've  spent  since  I  got here.  (I  keep  a  record)  It  totals $1.00 less than I've made in tips

Well honey, it's bedtime.  I'll have a whole  bunch  to write about tomorrow night.



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