Saigon, Monday, April 14, 9:30 am:


Iím sitting here at the USO telephone exchange waiting to call you where I won't have to say"OverĒ each time. Besides that Iíll be able to tell you about Cu-Chi and my job.The only worry I have is that you'll be at church or something†† since†† itís about 5:30 pm Sunday night in Tujunga.Be home this once.The wait is only one and a half hours this time so I think I can hold out.

I came to Saigon last night to hear Elder Benson conference and after the conference it was too late to so went to the air force barracks and sacked out. Talk about good living.We slept on beds like back in the world.I haven't had such a nights sleep since I got in country.

This morning I really felt like getting out of bed for a†† change.After a pancakes, eggs, and chilled cider breakfast I caught the bus for the PX where I'm supposed to pick up my clippers but they didn't open till 9:00 am and it was only 8:30 am so I hustled on down here to call you. I was supposed to catch the bus back at 10:00 am but I wouldn't have made it anyway so Iím going back†† by helicopter this afternoon.I just called back to the company and told them I'd be late so everythingís OK.It sure will be nice to talk to you again.

Coming†† in to Saigon by bus yesterday was quite interesting.The so-called highway we were on was not much more than a beat up, hole filled, partly asphalt road with six billion people trying to drive on it almost head on. With no middle line you can drive almost anywhere you wish as long as you donít hit anyone.So consequently they drive just anywhere they wish.



Saigon is as bad as ever except this time I brought my camera and took some pictures from the bus, so I hope they turn out.

Life at the barbershop is the same as always.I have it pretty good compared to the guys in the field and the Air Force has it even better than me.

Well, the first month has gone by and only eight more till I'm home free.It'll be nice to not to have to leave you anymore.I'll be so content I won't know how to act.

You must know I love you by now.So since this is my last piece of paper I'll close for now and write you again tonight when I get home.I hope Larry and Barbara's reception turned out all right and that they get along half as good as we do.

Two weeks till your birthday and I still can't think of what to get you, but something for sure.

I love you more than the Vietnamese(gooks) love garbage (don't laugh, that's quite a lot of love).

p.s.††††† Hawaii, September '69.See ya there.


Cu-Chi, Monday, April 14, ll:30 pm:


How wonderful it was to be able to talk to you today without any interruption.Your voice is as sweet as ever. The only thing bad about it is I miss you that much more now.I only wish I could have talked for hours to you.




After talking to you I stopped at a small stand in the USO and bought a Montanyard crossbow and a couple of mousetraps, plus a hand woven vest for you when you want to play hippie.I hung the crossbow and mousetraps on my wall as a conversation piece (my Bic pen just ran out of ink).

I then stopped off at the Cholon PX to pick up my sharpened clippers and while I was there I bought a bathroom scale to see how much Iím losing.Only five pounds since I left home, which isn't very good at all.

Then I took the bus back to Tan Son Nhut airport helipad because I missed the church bus back to Cu-Chi.I sat there at the helicopter station for four and a half hours waiting for a ride to Cu-Chi and was just about to give up when I heard a familiar voice in the crowd.It turned out to be the voice of Joe Skarda, who I knew from school and who married Cathy Aschielman from the ward, but's divorced now.He's stationed here with a helicopter assault unit at Cu-Chi and was going back so he gave me a ride.

While riding on the side where the door gunner sits I was taking pictures like mad when I decided to check out my camera and to my great woo and disappointment I had the camera on the wrong setting so all of my pictures of my trip to Saigon will be too dark except the last two.Such a shame too with film as hard to get as it is.

I got back to the safety of Cu-Chi and read a letter from you about last time I called.You're wonderful I even felt so good I went to the flick and saw a war movie "Anzio" with Peter Falk.And after my shower and coming in here to write these few lines I shall shortly be asleep for the night.


Cu-Chi, Tuesday, April 15, after Midnight:


Pix is here sleeping naked on my couch telling me to say Hi to you.Some nerve that guy has.He professes to be just a sex symbol and can't help it if everyone falls in love with him.OK so he's crazy too.

Itís sure nice having him over.It's like old times again.We went over and visited with Capt."Iron Mike" Anderson, A Troop Commander, for a while then we came back and went to the movie (a Man from UNCLE thing).After the movie we came back to the barber hootch and played a little poker using M-79 grenades for chips.We had enough ammo on the floor to blow us back home.I won but didn't collect.I had so much to tell you but I forget it all when it gets so late.

Oh yes, it was really hot today and I got dizzy in the afternoon from the heat but made it through the day OK.My watch is working a lot better now.It still gains a little but not enough to bother me.

If you see Larry tell him I can get a Thompson (submachine gun), less the stock, for $35 so Iím going to send it to him somehow.He can make the stock himself.

Thanks for the pictures honey; you can't imagine how much they mean to me. I bought an album to put them in and look at them every time I get lonely.I turned some more pics in today of Saigon but I had the camera set wrong so they'll all be dark.



Cu-Chi, Wednesday, April 16, ll:00 pm:


Hi!Itís me again with a short note before bed.Pix is again sacked out naked on my couch and dreaming of a "Short time"with some Saigon cutie.We went over to the sauna and massage place tonight and tried it out.Ididn't realize Iwasso dirty until I got in the sauna and sweat off about l0 lbs of dirt.

I got the tubes of lather yesterday with theclippers, youdoll.I'm sure glad you remembered.Tonight I got the roll ofsilkscreenstuffbutthe wrongsilk.That's bumperstickersilkand won't work on Tee shirts.So if you would, you can go to town and get me a yard of silkfor Tee shirts.Idon't know what thickness but the salesman will.Maybe you'd better wait a day or twosoIcansee what else I need when the other package gets here.

Itís sure been nice having Pix here.It's like old times again.I'm still trying to talk him into getting married and settling down like the rest of us.I love you sweetheart, more than moths love wool.

Oh yes, very important!Find out when each college in the L.A. area starts next fall and when the last day to register is.The 90-day early out in Sept. is a definite possibility.SMCC,SFVSC,Valley,Pierce,ELACC,LACC, give them all a ring and find out for me, it's important.

Take care and get a new muffler if it needs one.Keep the car safe for you three, you're all I have.



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