Cu-Chi, Thursday, April 17, 9:00 pm:


I still love you, in fact even more than yesterday.I got my silkscreen stuff today and unpacked it all.You're number one at packing stuff.It was all OK and still in one piece and for the Army mail that's unusual.

Not much exciting happened today.Of course nothing much exciting ever happens here at Cu-chi.Pix had to leave today and go back to his unit but he called when he arrived OK.It sure was nice having him here.If I werenít making so much money I'd transfer to his unit.Of course money canít buy friends, but it will buy presents for my mistress at home and her two little girls.Besides, itís like a new thing having money in my pocket to spend on anything I want.

I'm glad the silk pajamas fit.Iíll send you some gook sandals and hat and you can practice being a hootch girl.

We had a practice red alert tonight and I had to get on my steel pot(helmet) for about half an hour and go outside and guard my barbershop.

That picture of Jonette is just darling.You ought to take up photography as a hobby.I'm still trying to get some lenses for the camera but theyíre hard to get in Cu-chi.

You know Dear; Iíve been pretty lucky so far here in Vietnam.Some guys don't leave the field all year except for R&R or when they're wounded.Here I've been to Saigon twice, called you three times, got an easy job (except that my legs get tired) and a wife that loves me.How much luckier can I get?Maybe some, if I can get an early out for school in Sept.Find out those dates for me and send them to me.I love you.

Everyone here is speculating on what President Nixon will do with the 50,000 troops supposed to be leaving Vietnam in two months.Some think the guard will go home, others think the 25th Inf. Div. will go to Hawaii in case Korea gets hot again.I just donít know for sure except that I'll be home for Christmas.

Iím falling asleep while writing so I guess I'd better close for now and get on with my dreaming about you.If you get the urge to send a care package, peanut butter, popcorn and Ritz crackers are hard to get here.I hope you're OK and enjoying yourself because I want you to be happy all the time.




Cu-Chi, Friday, April 18, 9:15 pm:


It's me again with my final thoughts for the evening. Those pictures of Jonette are super good.You really can operate that camera pretty good.I'm glad I bought it against your better judgment.The pictures really cheer me up at the end of the day.I have them all in an album in my footlocker next to my stationary so I can look at them each night.However, all I have of you is your sexy foot, but from the looks of it I'll take the rest sight unseen.

I'll send your birthday money off on payday as soon as I see how much they insist on giving me still.I can only send you $l75 to buy yourself something with because you can only send $200 home a month without the Company Commanders permission and I don't want them to know how much I make here.The barber in the next company has to give some of his tips to the company fund to buy beer for the officers and baloney if I will.Anyway, besides your $330 allotment expect a check to buy you a birthday present with.By June I should be sending$700 a month home -clear!


The last page of stationary.


I was just over watching the first part of the movie "The Bible".It's pretty good.But I'm so tired I plan on going to sleep as soon as I finish this letter.I've been laying here thinking of you and forgot all about what I was going to write.

I found a Thompson Sub-machine gun for Larry but I have to think of a way to get it to him without getting thrown in the stockade.Don't worry.Iíll think of something.The yard looks like it needs some work.Get that Kerry to work.

That's all.Stay lonely and lovely.


Cu-Chi, Saturday, April 19, l0:l5 pm:


Howdy!Hi there you doll!Got your tape tonight but haven't had a chance to hear it yet because I†† was remodeling my shop with bamboo mat on the walls.At least it looks more like a barbershop than a garage now.

It was somewhere between 95-l00 degrees today and I felt it.Itís been so busy these past four or five days that I'm really tired of cutting hair and am sure glad I get tomorrow afternoon off.I'll take a shower, put on my civvies and go to church.After church I might go swimming, take a nap or just loaf for a while.Another week gone by my precious.Another week closer to coming home to you.

I just can't think of anything to write you tonight except that Iím fine.I just weighed myself on the scales and I'm 211 lbs naked but still flabby.Youíre the one that needs the exercise because on R&R you'll have to carry me around.

I guess by what you've read in the papers that all the action in Vietnam is right here in our area, 20-50 miles west and northwest of Saigon.Iím looking for another rocket attack soon because it's been so quiet here lately. The units all around us are making contact every day but here at Cu-chi life in the barbershop continues to be boring.

The wind has been blowing harder towards evening but still not a sign of rain.I wait for the monsoons just to get rid of the dust, which is everywhere.Itís a good thing Lan(my hootch maid) is such a good housecleaner or I'd go crazy around here.She came in and cleaned my shop and room from top to bottom and right now there's a quarter inch layer of dust all over it again.

Enough gripes for now.I donít want you to worry about me because Iím not going to overwork myself for any Army.I guess the books you sent Svetlana were OK because you never sent me her letter to read anyway.But I'm glad you did what you did.

P.s.†††††† The letters with just APO S.F.Came today right on schedule.


Bed, Sunday, April 20, l0: 30 pm:


I just decided to call it quits and come to bed.John Wayne is on TV but won't be over till too late.

I was just outside watching "SpookyĒ eat somebody up outside†† the wire.Spooky is a C-47 airplane with 4 mini-guns that each fire 6,000 rounds per minute.Some helicopter gun ships were working out earlier so Charlie must have been looking to pay us a visit tonight.



I made a voice tape tonight that Iíll send off tomorrow with this letter so you can hear my beautiful voice.The fellows next door have a tape recorder like mine that takes five-inch reels also.

Today was a thoroughly great day.I relaxed all afternoon and feel tired enough to sleep through an attack tonight.I met somemoreguysfrom myunit at the PX today.I guess everyone willbe herebythe June1st cut-offdate.After that no more Guardsmen are supposed to come over.

Yes, my precious, life is wonderful.Pix called today andismovingup near Cambodia for a mission.He's just like always except with a good tan.

Those pictures of you that came today wereabsolutely fantastic.Youshould turn pro and charge more (for the pictures).Really, you are the most beautiful thing in the world and Jonette should be in the movies.

Thatpictureof Nikki is just darling.Who took it? Whoever did caught a good expression on her face.


Cu-Chi, Tuesday, April 22, l0:20 pm:


Another day shorter to coming home.Got a goodgossip letterfrom Cherilyn so I'm up on all the latest news.She wants you and the kids to come up this summer andIthink it'sagoodidea if you can keep Jonette out of the Provo River.I think the change in scenery would be good for you and the kids.Think about it and you decide.

DaveAnderson is visiting me tonight while he's trying to transfer over toPix'sunit.It'sokay'dup through divisionandnow he'swaiting toseeifit's cleared through Saigon HQ.We're all hoping for him because he's getting too nervous.

I'm glad youliked thechina.I'll send some more when I get the chance.You know, everydaystuff.Iwrote mymom that I'd send her some but she wants to put it away in the cupboard "for good" and I think that'sdumb.Soif I send her any she'll have to use it or else.

I'm glad Larryand Barbara are finally squared away. It's about time the old codger got his pencil wet!

I sure enjoy those pictures yousend me,Dear.They bringmesoclose to you all it's just like being back at Ft. Lewis when you were home.I sure miss you.It's getting cloudy at night and part ofthedaybut norainsofar.Itshould be coming soon and my hootch isn't finished yet.I guess I'll have to finish itoneof these days.

Theguyscoming backfrom Hawaii R&R say it's just great so I'll be seeing ya there doll.†† I have a bush hat for Hugo but no boxtosenditin yet.Paydayisnext weeksoexpectsomemoney shortly thereafter.I hope you enjoyed the tape.I'llsend anothersoon as I think about it.Mylovefor yougrowsand grows with every dawning day.


Cu-Chi, Thursday, April 24, 7:30 pm:


TheCOmade†† meopen myshoptonightforthe convenience of those who can't come in during theday.The onlycustomer I had tonight I would have cut anyway because he's a friend.It turned out to be a good day fullofbig tippers, but not too busy so I didn't mind so much.



We had achoppercrashand burnover in the next company and I can't really find out the truth but Isuspect all werekilledexcept onethat fell out when the thing flipped after hitting a powerline.We werewatching TV and therocketsitcarriedall wentoff as it hit the ground andtheSgt.inchargeofthe†† 9thChemical Detachmentyelledthatwe wereunder attack.SoI de-de-maued over andgotdressedandgotmyrifle.It soundedlikean attack with the rockets going off so close and the machine gun bullets going off from the heatofthe burning wreck.At first I thought it was one of my friends but it turned out to be a Navy chopper from anearbyriver patrol base.

I'm going to the movie in a few minutes to see James Bond's "You Only LiveTwice"overatthe MID(Military IntelligenceDetachment).Ididn't even get a shower last night and had to sleep all hairytillthismorning.Well there'sno morewater right now so I'll have to try after the show.See ya then.---The movie was cut up so bad and the film so old that it was frustrating to watch but I did anyway.

Ijust noticed that our magazine subscriptions run out this July -DON'T renew them.Wellsweetheart,mythoughtsarewith youalways becausemybodyisn't.Takecareand don't forget your prayers.Oh yes, Icould usea pairoftweezersandsome hangnail scissors if you find any extra.


Cu-Chi, Friday, April 25, 5:30 pm:


Sadday tomorrow because I got two letters today.But your letters are sweet enough to last meanextradayor so.

From thesoundsof Larry and Barbara's wedding, they are off to a good start.Barbara forgetting her purseon her honeymoon, then tearing up her knee skiing, the wedding pictures not turning out like they should have,etc.Yes, I'llsaythey have their troubles.I'm sure glad we don't have any bad memories like that.Our marriage(exceptfor the Army) has been #1.

You know,fora woman thatthinks slender men are sexier, you sure make it hard on your poor husband to be sexy.Iwent without two meals today trying to lose weight and then I get some divinityfudgein themail.Wow!I guessI'll haveto eat it quick so I can sneak some of it past my system.

Just back from the movie, Doris Day in "With 6 You Get Egg roll".It wasbetterthan mostof her films and was taken in the valley.

I'm expecting a rocket andgroundattacktonightor tomorrownight.Theguys that had bunker guard last night saidthatCharlie waswalkingarounddiggingfoxholes outsideour perimeter butthe Officer in charge wouldn't give them permission to fire on them.This divisionisso jazzedup about"bodycount"of dead gooks that they're putting the lives of our men injeopardytoincreasethe number killed.It'sthe killinsanity that the officers here at Headquarters get from sitting in an airconditioned officeandlookingat statistics and charts all day while the men in the field have to suffer.This war isthemost illrun adventure in the history of modern man and now with Koreathreateningto breakopen,Arabsvs.Israelis, Whitesvs.Blacks,Studentsvs.Teachers, Catholics vs. Protestants, and so on andsoforth.The lastdaysare here honey.Warsandrumorsof wars are so prevalent in the world that no place is safe.

Well Sweetheart, I love youno matter what happens. Pray for us.



Cu-Chi, Saturday, April 26, ll:30 pm:


Igot your Monday letter tonight so I'll tell you the answers to last weekís questionsfirst.Idon'tneedthe silknow.Ithought youforgotonescreen but one is plenty for now soforgetgoing to LA to buymesome. Second,spend all you want, sweetheart, there's more on the way.I have $l25 in my pocket now and paydayisWednesday soI'll send you $178 on Wednesday and it should get to you about Monday.So go hog wild my precious, I'm spendingall Iwanthereso you can too.Just remember that a bikini only looks good with a good suntan, so lay outside alittle thissummer.Third,I'msoglad youlove and trust me because I couldn't live with myself otherwise.Fourth,the Vegastrip waswhat I thought about all day yesterday and today - good sending!And fifth andlast,asmuchasI wouldlovetoseeJonetteand Nikki, I want to be alone with you in Hawaii.I thinkofitasthe honeymoon we couldn'taffordin1966.So don't be mad but I want only you, undisturbed†††††

So now to current events.I just this minute tried to getonstandbyatMARSbutthey were full so I'll try tomorrow.The movie was "Bonnie and Clyde" and wascutup so badexceptfor the last scene which is all I wanted to see anyway.

It'll sure be nice to sleep on clean sheets again when I get home.Thesheetsherestaycleanonly a matter of hours before the dust turns them brown.

I hope you'regoingto be homeon your birthday becauseI'm trying to get into Saigon to call you that day, afternoon or eve, LA time.I'm still trying to talk theCO intoit.ButIthinkthey'll let me because my clippers are down there again.Well honey, it's midnightagain and Ihavetogotosleep to dream about you some more.You know how I feel about you so stay sweet!

p.s.††††††† I love Jonette and Nikki too!


Cu-Chi, Sunday, April 27, 8:30 pm:


Well I just got through rereading yourTuesdaynight letterand youare a weird duck I must say.What are you shampooing the rug at 9:00 pm for.Youcutthatoutand get to bed.

WhenI picked up your letter tonight it was so thick I thought it had pictures in it so I tore itopen quickbut alasjust a silverware ad met my longing eyes-.Your choice ofpatternsisexcellent,nottoodressybut†† fancy looking.Waytogo fantastic wife.However, I am working on some bronzeware table settings from Siam(Thailand).If Iget that (which I think you'll like) then I'll forget the silver for now and work on crystal.

Dearest- you are getting the money whether you wantit ornot.I have to get rid of so much each month and you're the only one I know thatcanspenditforme.Remember Dear,thenewfurniturefor the house, the kids college, our trip to Europe, new clothes for you, and mynew Toyota 2000GT whenIget home - besides our debts.So do what you want with it because it's yours but ifIwereyou,I might putalittlein an old sock somewhere for a future bash.Anyway you do it is fine with me because I love you.

I haven't forgotten your birthday and youshould have gotten alittlesomethingin the mail already.But dear don't worry about me.You know me wellenoughtorealize I'llstillget what I want after I get through making you happy.



You threatened me with sleepless nights if I were home.I†† hope you donít lose whatever it is before September.Which brings up another thing.I donít mind a bit if your parents come along with you, in fact I'd feel better about it when I had to leave you at the airport to come back.But the kids stay home this time.This is a vacation for Mommy and Daddy and I feel that it would do you much injustice if you had to change diapers while trying to be sexy for your hubby.So please realize my feelings, dear.I love them very much but I want my time with you, undisturbed and wonderful.Youíre all I care about in Hawaii anyway.So if your parents want to come along, fine, but the girls stay with Aunt Marlene or Grandma.


Enough about that.Almost two months of the nine gone by already.Seven more to freedom.

I got a letter from Marlene today but could hardly read it; in fact one sentence is completely unreadable. But it's the thought that counts I guess.I'll drop her a note tonight after I finish this love letter.

P.s.Thanks for the complete backrub.I could use it tonight.

p.s.s.How about some more tapes of you but remember only 2 track.I don't have a 4-track recorder yet.



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