Cu-Chi, Monday, April 28, 9:30 pm:


Another hot, humid day today and the power was off for two hours this morning.It's been sort of slowanywayfor a couple of days.

Charlietried tosneakuponusearlier but the gunships and jets chased him off in a hurry.†† I got my pictures back today that Ithought would be toodark.Welltheystill turned out OK.So I'll drop a couple in my letters this week.

(Editors note: Janet wrote me that she was cutting outall the partsofmyletters that talked about sex or other R rated things.I guess I wrote alotbecausemostofmy lettersaremissingatleast part of a page and some are really cut up bad.)

I guess I'd better be careful about whatIwriteif I'm being censored.You'd betterstop working so hard on your mom's house and take a little more care of my kids.I don't wantthem to know a cross mother.

I†† thinkwe'dbetter†† sticktostainlesssteel silverware instead of sterling - that is,unlessyou want to polishitevery week or so.I can't see putting $400 out for a bunch of silver spoons and forks whenfor $20 I cangetthesamethingin stainless steel.Think about it.†††††††††††† But I'm still trying to get the bronzeware anyway.The rumors are getting heavier about us pulling outin July or so.Who knows?My brain wonítfunction tonight so I'll have to call it quits for now.

I hope you had a nice birthday and don't really feela year older already.Stay young for me.

p.s.What would you like for Motherís day?


Cu-Chi, Tuesday, April 29, l0:45 pm:


Guess whatI did tonight?†† I shampooed my hair when I took my shower.Pretty good, huh?The days and weeks are flying by butthemonthsdrag onitseems.Anywaythe eagle s--ts tomorrow and it's my last April in this hole.

We got a littlerain tonight.Aboutenoughtoget everythingdampbutnotmuchelse.It wasabout105 degrees here today.I had my fan blowing on me all daybut it felt like a hair dryer or blast furnace.

Ireceived myknife and compass in a little package today but no letter becausethe maildidn'tcomein.I hope youliked your mink hat I sent you for your birthday, if it ever came.It's cuteand wouldlookfantastic on your lovely little head.

I noticed onthe news clocks tonight that you're now on daylight savings, which makes us nine hours different.

I'm so tired physically that my brain won'tfunction. And besidesthat,nothingexciting happened here today. Lan loved your picture and showed it to all hergirlfriends asthey came in today.You know, of course, that I fell in love all over again when I saw it.


Cu-Chi, Wednesday, April 30, 10:45 pm:


I just took myshowerandI'm readytoslipinto dreamland.Iwenthome teachingthisevening and walked halfwayaroundCu-chi.Mydistrictcoversthe middle sectionofCu-chibut most of the names I have, have left already.


Welldear,Iread thatalltheactionis†† here northwestofSaigon.Well,that'susbutdon't worry. Charlie has only about 19 moredaystolaunch hislast offensivebeforethe rains halt the action for six months. So for 19 days things should get warm butthen,nothing! Wegotourfirst taste of monsoon rain this evening.The wind picked up to about 30-40 mph and theduststorm was followed bybigraindropscominginlike machine gun fire.These tin roofs really make a racketduring arainstorm.Butaftertherainit smelled so fresh and clean that I just took a deep breath, and you know what?Icould takeadeepbreathand my lungs didn't hurt like in Los Angeles.I'm not suggesting we move here but the airisa lot cleaner.

Thatmy tape recorder won't wind up the tape sounds to me like the rubber pulley is broken orslipping.Icould fixitina few minutes if I were home but I guess you'll have to rough it.Of course youcould useKerry'stape recorder butuseonlyonetrack on each side (#1 & #3). Whatever you do, I love you.

I have to rest my tired bones fornow.AfterIsent youthemoneytoday I realized I only had $10 to my name. But by the time you get this letter I'll havemadeplenty tokeepmegoing.Sodon't worryabout yourskinny husband.

I miss you terribly but rumors are heavyabout Hawaii in July.

p.s.††††††† Everyletter hasto have a p.s. but I didn't really know anything to write here, so I won't.


Cu-Chi, Thursday, May 1, 10:00 pm:


Happy Birthday Dearest,

I hope this day has been happy for you and filled with pleasantsurprises.May each and every year bring you more satisfaction and love than the previous one.

I played your tape three times the night I receivedit andagain thenextnight when I made a tape for you.I loved your every word but if Ifailed to mentionitI'm sorry.I'vebeen hoping to get another but so far nothing has come.

I got the "care"packagetodaysoitcameairmail anyway.Most packages do so don't worry.The only thing I noticed was that our ESP broke down somewhere and yousent mepopped popcorn whenIwas expressly thinking of just plain old kernels because we havea popcorn popper here. But,Istill love you and we took the popcorn to the movie tonight (Racquel Welch "Fathom") and ate a whole bag ofit withcold Pepsito drink.The only thing missing was you and the car.

Someone pulled the all-time joke at theshowandfell tothegroundlikethere were mortars coming in and you wouldn't believe how fast 100 guys canscatterforcover. It wasfunnyafterwardsbut you can believe I was moving out double time.(Note: a mortar round just hitsomewhere closebutjustmademy heartjumpone extra beat - no damage.)

I'm glad the mailman and your mom gotthe package beforeyou.Ileft a note on it hoping they would so you could be surprised.I guess it's safe to send you thebill so you'll know what it is.

Iwashoping to get into Saigon tomorrow and call you but my ride fell through so IguessIwon'tmakeit.

sure would have liked to talk to you again.

IguessI'll havetosend another tape and talk a little bit to Jonette since she is old enough tounderstand her daddy now.


Iam losing weight because my skin is getting loose. I hope to getdown tol85-190 beforeI seeyouagain becauseyouthink skinny men are sexy and I guess you know what you like.Thank you for the goodies, my precious, butnexttime make it crunchy Skippy, OK?

Here†† I'vebeen singingChristmassongsallday thinking about coming home to you.I hope youstill want me.

Iguessit'stimetosaymyprayers and get some sleep.I love you very much.

p.s.Here's a kiss for your birthday. xxxx


Cu-Chi, Saturday, May 3, 7:30 pm:


It's decision making time for you my dear.It'sgoing to be a hard one to make but here's the choices for you.

Choice#1: I stay in Vietnam until December 15 or December 1, we take our R&R in HawaiiinSeptember and misseach other for nine long months. Or;

Choice#2:Youfind me a college in Los Angeles that will accept me as a student and will let me register on orabout September20th.ThenIwill leave Vietnam September 15th and be home to you for good, go back to working at thefire house, move home, no R&R, no more tax free money, etc.

Iknowyou'relookingforward to Hawaii but we'll still get there someday.I know this puts a lot ofresponsibilityon you but it'sworthatryIguess, because I really want to come home.I hate it here.

See what you cando.Mostcolleges will breakthe rulestogetsomeoneoutof Vietnam.AllI need is a letter of acceptance and it must include the last day Ican register.Youhavemypower of attorney so you can apply for me and I was goingto ValleylastorGlendale.You mightdropby one or the other and tell them the situation and see what they say.I leave it up to you either waybut I do miss you terribly.

Movie time - see you later.

"Wildinthe Streets" was really wild.About a youth take over of the USA, etc.Lotsofscenesof Hollywood, etc.

Later- Mac just came over to discuss religion and we had a nice chat.Mac is a real religious person who blesseseach mealand makes me feel like I'm doing something bad 'cause I don't.

I love you dear but I'm so tired I'd bettergetsome sleep.Ihope youcan come up with something from one of the colleges, an acceptance letter orsomething.Maybeif I pray real hard tonight!

Ican't waitfor your tape to get here so I can hear your beautiful voice again.I'm sad that a lot of my last tapedidn'trecord the firsttimebecauseitexplained how hard I tried to call you from Saigon on your birthday.Butallmyridesfell through and left me stranded here in Cu-chi.


Nothing more to add.

(Editorsnote:The next letter should precede this one but due to limited memory in my computer it wasn't possibleto rearrange them after discovering the error.)



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