Cu-Chi,  Saturday, May 3, noon:


Just  a  note  to explain why the tape was so mixed up. I was laying here on my bed with the recorder  and  since  I talk  better  in the dark, I turned the light off to record. But, I had the recorder plugged  into the  light  so every time  I turned the light off the recorder stopped too.  So I lay there and talked up a storm but every time I turned on the  light  to  see  if  the  tape was working, it was but I hadn't used very much tape.  It took me two hours  to tape half  an hour and besides I had to say everything twice and it sounded phony the second time so I deleted a lot  of  it. I'll  pick  up some more tapes tomorrow and try again.  These frustrations  I  get  just when  I  felt  like  not   being disturbed.

My hands  are  sweating  so bad the paper is getting wet.  I'll stop till tonight.  I love you much.  Forgive  my errors.


Cu-Chi, Sunday, May 4, 8:00 pm:


I'm  laying here  on  my  bed listening to Dr. Zhivago while I'm writing this note to you.  I just listened to  the track with Jonette and Nikki.  I thought I wasn't going to get to hear the one with Janet only and her plans  for  the future  but you know me,  I  can't  stand  something that doesn't work.  So I was just  going  to  tear  the  recorder apart when I remembered that I only had one speaker plugged in (that's all I have!) so I just have to  switch  the plug holes  and  I'm in business  again.  I'll listen to you as soon as this music is over.

It rained a little this evening just  enough  to  clear the  air and settle the dust.  It was refreshing since we've been out of water for two days  and  can't  shower.  War  is hell!

I  hope I didn't scare you in my last letter but if you can get me a letter of acceptance from a  college with  the last  day that I can register (between Sept. 16-25 or later) even if they let me register special just to get me  out  of this  dumb war.  You  do your best and I'll not worry about it.

Jonette sounded so grown up it  makes  me  sad that  I have  to miss  it.  She  sure  can say "Daddy" nice and her laugh is enough to make Ho Chi  Minh  smile.  Nikki  also sounds  like  she's  developing  a personality all her own. Ours ought  to be  a  real  strange  family with  everyone completely  different.  We  can  start  our  own hippie group when they grow older.

I cracked my head open coming out of church  today  and went  over  to the emergency room and got it cleaned out and a tetanus shot in case.  Boy, did it smart  for  a while  but when the medic threatened to shave my head to put a bandage

on.  It got better quick.

I don't have much hair but what I have I  protect.  Can you  imagine me combing my hair every morning and shampooing it with halo every night.  I've  really  grown attached to those few hairs still growing.  You'll see.

The  music  is  about  done  so  I'll  turn it over and listen to your wonderful voice.  Wait one!  I just listened to your tape dear and all I can say  is "you're  wonderful".  Any woman that can spend $470 in less than a month has  got  to be wonderful.  Well  anyway,  I really  enjoyed  the  tape,  you  sounded so much better and relaxed this time.  I turned out  the  light  and  just  lay here and enjoyed it thoroughly.

I  don't know how I get so much to write but I'd better quit now so  I'll have  something  for  tomorrow  night.  I really love you, all three, but you the most.

p.s.  Where's  my  2-3  barber combs, tweezers and hang nail clippers?  My comb is missing 3 teeth out of the middle.


Cu-Chi, Monday, May 5, l0:l5 pm:


I got your package of stuff today, combs,  books,  etc. And  just yesterday I reminded you of it.  Such timing - you make me feel  bad.  However,  next  time  you  go past  the beauty  and barber supply grab a couple more combs with just a little courser teeth on the  small  end.  The Ace  #5  is just  a  trifle  to  fine  to  comb  through  the  dirt that collects on the heads around here.  I love you.

It's  sprinkling outside  and nice  and cool  for  a change.  It's  really  getting hot and humid during the day. I have my fan blowing on me  all  day  but  it's  just  like letting your hair  dryer blow in your face - real hot air. It's really a  screwed  up  climate  in  case you  couldn't guess.

I  hooked  up  the  tape  recorder in my shop today and played Kerry's tape through a couple of times.  It made  the day  go  faster  and much  more  soothing.  I  would like a couple of more tapes with all slow music  on  one  and all rock on the other, then I can set my own mood around here.

I  don't  need anymore silk for now.  I'm having a time using what I have now.  So no silk for a while.

I wish I were there to help you  mess  up  the  bed  so you'd have  an  excuse  in the  mornings  but, if it's any consolation, I toss and turn a lot too,  dreaming about you and  those  big  rockets  that I might not hear in time.  We haven't really had any excitement around here since I  first got here but with the 2,000 body count we got last month and Ho Chi  Minh's  birthday  in  two weeks we're  ready  for anything.  I  put an extra layer of sand bags around my head just in case.  But I don't really worry anymore as  long  as you know  I'm coming home.  You always did live closer to the Lord than me.  Well, sweetheart, I have  to  go  to bed because  the mosquitoes are eating me alive.

Some  rockets -(I just ran to the bunker in case)- just landed close but they were ours.  The gunships  just  caught some  gooks  trying to sneak in and blow up the ammo dump so they chewed them up instead.  But you see how  jumpy  I  am. It must be my diet or something.


Cu-Chi, Tuesday, May 6, 6:15 pm:


It's  a  depressing night because for the first time in a month  I  didn't  get  any  mail.  I  was  expecting your birthday letter but I guess it got held up.

Pix  called  just  now.  Today was  his birthday and I forgot all about it until he mentioned it.  He's  still  the same  as  always,  thank  goodness.  I told him about the 90-day early out for school so he's going to try for it too.

Boy, was I jumpy last night and  grouchy  today  simply because  I'm  so tired.  I haven't been getting to bed until midnight lately and morning comes all  to  soon.  I  imagine it's the same as you with the two babies and all.

That's  why  I'm writing early tonight.  "Valley of the Dolls" is on the flick tonight so I'm going to  give  it  a spin and go to bed right afterward at l0 o'clock.

Milt  took  an R&R to Tokyo, Japan this week so I guess he's OK.  Other than that I've lost track  of  most  of  the people.

Well,  Dear,  I  must  leave you for now, even though I don't want to.


I'm going to Saigon Thursday and  I'll  call  you  then even  if  it  means  getting in a little trouble.  I felt so bad because the  connection was  lousy  the  other  day  on MARS.  I  need to talk to you to keep my sanity for another month.  Saturday will be two months  in  country  and  four more till September.


Cu-Chi, Friday, May 9, 8:15 pm:


Today was  jackpot  day  mail wise, three letters and some mags and vitamin C.  And those pictures of you and the kids  were  fabulous.  I  really  like your new outfit and I hope you buy more  before  I  get home.  Just  don't worry about me  getting myself anything.  You know me better than that.  I almost bought me a Polaroid Color Pak II  today  at the PX but I forgot my wallet at the time.

I'm  sitting here watching  "Wild, Wild West" while I write this.  It's about some Hawaiian kooks  or  something. I'm waiting for 9:00 o'clock for the Rogues to come on.

I  hope Nikki  is better and over her rash whatever it might have been.

Back to my bed.  Dear, those pictures  were  absolutely great.  The  one  of  Jonette hiding  in the pots and pans cupboard cracks me up.  She must be so precious to you  just being around and into mischief all day.

That  new Look magazine you sent me has a picture of my AK-47 rifle on the cover - pretty good.

I guess I'd best be sending it home  soon because  too many  people know about it and someone is liable to tell the wrong people and take  it  away.  I  didn't  get  Larry  the Thompson  sub-machine  gun because  I  was afraid of double jeopardy in trying to sneak two home.  So quit worrying.

Well my dream girl, may your dreams come true soon  and may Pierce College send the right letter the first time.  Take care and keep me posted on birthdays1 etc.

My hootch girl, Lan, is bringing me some black pajamas tomorrow so I can be  a VC  (honorary)  like her and her village.

p.s.  A  gigantic "flying cockroach" just hit me in the head and scared me almost to sanity (so I squashed him!).



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