Cu-Chi, Tuesday, May 20, 10:00 pm:


I'm  still  alive  and  safe so quit worrying.  In fact I'll try and call you on MARS tonight to tell you so.

It's been one of those days around here,  busy,  busy, busy.  The  days  are  starting  to  get  longer as they get hotter it seems.  But  I  can  stand anything because  I'm getting  short  (under  l20  days).  I  turned in my request today for the early out and it's on the  Captain's  desk  to be  signed before  it's  sent  to personnel1 so it won't be long now.

Our group leader, Capt. Bills, got word yesterday  that his  12  yr.  old boy had his lower lip bit off by a dog and his wife didn't get hold of the Red Cross  so he  can't  go home  to help  out.  He's  worried  sick about it but could only talk three minutes to his wife on MARS.  It just  shows you  how  stupid his  wife is.  She said she didn't want to bother him so he sits here worrying when he  could be home already  if  only  she'd  called the Red Cross and had them call the hospital or doctor.  Don't you ever be  that  silly dear,  just  remember  that you have to ask for me from your end first.

We were just sitting over watching "Star Trek"  on TV while  we  ate  some hot pizzas (my treat) that we bought at the new swimming pool snack  bar.  It's  really  a hardship tour dearest.

I  received confirmation that Larry and Barbara's china was sent on the 1st of May, so they ought to get it  soon  I guess.  I'm  sending you a Noritake catalog so you can pick out the other set of china to match the Bronzeware I  bought two weeks  ago  and have been dying to tell you about but I was going to  surprise you with,  but  I  can't  find  any wrapping paper  so  I  can't  send  it home  anyway if you follow.  It'll have to be something with  a  gold  edge  or design  or  something.  I'll  send you a catalog as soon as they come.

You'll love the bronzeware but we can get  silver  too. I'll  send you a catalog on that also.  Just because I love you so.

We're finally off Red,  Amber,  Yellow  and all  those other  alerts  so we can sleep in our beds again.  So we'll probably get hit tonight.

I just went and weighed myself at 206  lbs  and  that's after  eating  a  pizza  and  coke.  So you  see  dear, I'm sacrificing for you.  That's 14 lbs so far and  still  going strong.  When  I  get  to  l90 lbs I'll stop for a while and rest up.  My love handles aren't so firm as they were.

Well I have to get to sleep  now  because  I'm working longer days now.

p.s.       Keep  that  gun handy  in  case Jody comes to visit -then shoot him!


Cu-Chi, Wednesday, May 21, 7:15 pm:


I love you, miss you and adore you, what else  can you ask  for?  It has been an OK day so far.  I got four letters tonight but three of them were mailed in March to the  90th Replacement  and  just  now got here.  The one from you told about the first time I  called you  from Cu-chi  and  last night must have  been the 5-6 time.  You know they woke me out of my first good sleep in a week and  didn't  even give me  time  to wake up because you were on the air already.  I don't know if you could understand anything I  said because I  hardly  remember anything that I said anyway.  However, I did hear that you and the kids were  OK which  is  all  I wanted  to  know   anyway.  Just  after you were  saying good-bye, some 8" artillery went off outside the wire and  I thought  for  sure we were getting hit with rockets but the operator said he hadn't heard any  so  I  should relax.  It took  me  awhile  to get back to sleep after that because 8" guns are really loud and shake the ground real  good.  Sept. 15  should be  the  very latest I'll be home so that's less than 115 days to go dear.  Smooth sailing at the  barbershop except  that  my  body is falling apart from standing up all day.

My hootch girl, Lan, has been bringing me presents  the last  couple  of days, Mangos and Pineapple from the jungle. The Mangos are real  sweet  tropical  fruit  like  sweetened cantaloupe  but  shaped  like  avocados and grow in trees.  I thought it was nice of her.

It's getting unbearably hot here in the afternoons  and my  shop  is  like  an  oven most of the time.  But with 115 days to go I can take it.

Gee, I'm sorry I didn't make more sense on  the phone. I'll  try  harder  next  time.  It's  hard  enough trying to judge when you'll be home, let alone something important  to say.

I  have  to  go weigh myself.  Wait one - oops 207 lbs. I must have drunk more today.  I love you sweetheart and think of you  constantly  so stay sweet.

p.s.       Our shock absorbers are brand new! (letter march 15)


Cu-Chi, Thursday, May 22, l0:l5 pm:


Great  day today even though I didn't get any mail.  The barbershop was really slow.  The slowest it's been  since came, so I took advantage and rested up.

I  got  a  letter  from the Division personnel office today after I went down this morning and  found my  records for  them so they  could work on my early out.  The letter reads:


HUDGAG-PA Jacobsmeyer, Jon W.  NG28294504

Subject:   Early Separation to attend school To CO HHC 25th Inf Div  APO 96225

From CG (Commanding General) 25th Inf Div  Date 22 May 69

1.          Approved for release  to the U.S.  Army  reserve  U.P. Chapter  5,  Section VIII,  AR 635-200 on or after l0 Sept. 1969

2.       Unit commander will insure that EM  receives  a medical clearance  certificate  from the appropriate medical facility not earlier than 72 hours and not later than 48 hours  prior to departure from this command.

3.       EM's  records  will  be  adjusted  in order that his ETS will read l0 Sept. 1969 and his  DROS  will  read  8  Sept. 1969.

4.       EM will be notified of the above.  The original of this correspondence will be retained at  this  Headquarters  for inclusion in Individuals field 201 file.

Signed: K.L.Pierce Capt. Agc

EM  Enlisted man,  ETS=  End of active duty, DROS= The day you leave Vietnam


So my sweetheart on or about  the  night  of  l0  Sept. 1969 we have a date, OK?

I  might have  to attend meetings another year but I figure that's better than  dodging  rockets  till  Dec.  15. I'm  short  dear,  only  l08 and a wake up till I leave this place.  On the 1st of June I'll be down to two digits.

Another thing that made my day nice was  that  it  got cloudy  and  cooled off  this  afternoon.  And yet another thing is that Pix called and said to tell you Hi  and  sends his love (platonic or course).

I  hope you still plan to register for me at Pierce. I don't have to go to Glendale but I will if you can't get  me into Pierce.


I'm  still waiting  for  the shower truck to come so I can shower and go to bed.  I showered out  of  a water  can last night so I have to shower real good tonight.

Well  Sweetheart,  I  must leave you now for I hear the water truck coming and I must  get  some  sleep  tonight  if Charlie will let me.  I  miss  you  but only for a short time to go.  See you in 109 days.

p.s.  I still want a picture of you in your bikini with  a good tan.

p.s.s.  You better start getting more sun.


Cu-Chi, Saturday, May 24, l0:30 pm:


This  is my third letter for the day so forgive me if I forget anything.  I wrote Marlene,  and  after  I  got  your care  package with  Svetlana '5  cards in it I wrote her one and now my favorite one.  I read a 165 page  book  (The  Dictators)  during work today,  need  I say more.  The only trouble about being slow is I don't make much money.

I went to the movie tonight for the  first  time  in a week  and  took  along  some  fresh popped corn to munch on. The movie was "Duffy" with James  Coburn  and  it was  real good.  I  recommend  it  to Larry  because  it has a tricky ending.  I talked  to a  Red  Cross  man today who has  some wrapping paper he'll  give me so your bronzeware should be on the way in a day or two.

Got another  cockroach  crawling  across  my  pillow –smash!  Oops,  he's  still  trying  to  crawl away - squish That's all for him.  Another body countl!  No letter tonight because it came last night with  two others.  So tomorrow night I expect one for sure.

I  guess you wrote a letter to Svetlana as well as sent her  some  books  so we're  all  set   there.  The   letter surprised me in so far as her English is almost perfect the way she writes.  Her letter was better written than most  of mine are.

Not  much from the front dear.  Things are pretty quiet this week so I've been catching  up on  my  rest  a  little (very little).

Well  goodnight  for today.  I must rest my blurry eyes for awhile.


Cu-Chi, Sunday, May 25, l0:15 pm:


Lovely  day  today.  I  only had five or six customers this morning, took the  rest  of  the  day  off  and  got  a package  of  goodies from you.  Plus I got to wrap a present for you which I'll send by boat tomorrow and should  get  to you  in  three weeks  or  so (bronzeware).  So now you have something to look forward to for the next few weeks.

No letter tonight but  the peanut  butter,  film and ROACH  KILLER was fantastic.  I put the can in my room ready for action and I haven't seen a- roach  yet.  I  guess  they heard I had a new weapon.

I  started  a new book today, "Seven Days in May", so I can get my brain in a learning mood  again.  It's  been  so slow  I  could've gone on leave and nobody would have missed me.

I think I will take an R&R to Japan in August  to  get some  lenses  for your camera before I come home.  I'm going to get my tape recorder next month so you'll  just have  to live  on what  I  send you this month plus the $500 you get next month.  I'm saving up and hope to be able to  send you $150 or  so this  week  but  I really don't have very much saved up yet.  If you really need more money next month  let me  know,  but if you don't say anything I'm going to get me a tape recorder or something.


You might check with Jerry Giese and see if we can  get back  into  our house in October or so.  I think the people will be nice about it and if they're not,  I'll  shoot  them all when I get home.

It  sure  feels good to be a short timer.  Next week at this time I'll be under a hundred days and counting.  I  got a haircut  today  but  just had him cut a little around the edges so it'll grow out.  Ha.! Ha!


Cu-Chi, Monday, May 26, 11:30 pm:


I started reading the book, "Seven Days in May",  this morning  and  I just couldn't put it down.  I wish I weren't so tired or I'd finish the last 80 pages tonight.

I sent off your tableware today so be expecting  it  in a couple of weeks.  I  went  swimming  tonight to cool off but I'm sweating right now and it's nearly midnight.  That Black Flag Roach Killer  really works  on  these gook roaches.  Thanks again.

I  got  my  garments  and  statue  in  one piece today. Thank you.  I love you sweetheart and miss you always.


Cu-Chi, Tuesday, May 27, 6:30 pm:


I love you just because you're  you  and nobody  else. If  I  would have chosen my wife for myself instead of fate deciding for me, I  never would have  gotten  anyone  more precious  to me, more loving, or more understanding than you my dearest.  I'm so thankful you're my wife  and  mother  of my children.  I mention it each night in my prayers.

Right  now  I'm  laying  on my bed writing, munching on Ritz crackers and eating Skippy crunchy style peanut  butter from the  12  oz  bottle,  which is just the right size.  I received two packages and two letters today so  I  was  very pleased when  evening came and just as I laid down to read your letter Pix called with all the latest gossip.  So  it's been a  nice  evening.  And then as I lay here reading your wonderful letters it rained for about 10-15 minutes to  cool the place  off.  And  I'm writing this letter early tonight because I want to be asleep by 9:00pm after staying up till midnight with  that  dumb  book which  I finished at lunch today.  It was a fascinating book so you have won  my  heart again by  sending  it  to me.  However, as I said earlier I have plenty now so keep them for my library.

I think I'll try and go to Pierce because  it's  closer to  our house and I won't have to transfer from Glendale in the spring.  I should be home in time to  register  but you can  do  it  for me if you get me a catalog so I can pick my classes   I'll need to know what's required for a degree  in History  and Language  for teaching credentials from Valley State.  So see what you come up with along those lines.

I'm sorry about the short note last  night but  I  was really tired at the time.

Early  last  evening we watched a helicopter gun ship shoot at something right outside the wire  for  an hour  or so.  We haven't  been hit for so long it's getting to worry me a (very) little.  I'm fine physically  except  I  have  a bruise  on  my  lower  back  somewhere  on  a vertebrae that bothers me.

I just heard that Star Trek is on tonight  so  I  won't get to bed before 10:00pm again tonight.


My  clippers  broke  so the CO is taking them to Hawaii with him on R&R to get them fixed.  The tips have been slacking off  because  everyone  is broke.  Thursday is payday I think.

Thanks  for  the wrapping paper, you're always one jump ahead of me.  Now the presents  can  start  again.  I  love you.

I  did hear you telephone, "I love you, over and out."  at the end and  I  was  crouching  at  the time  because  I thought we were getting rocketed, but it was only outgoing 8" shells.

Take care my precious, only a few more  days  till  I'm home.


Cu-Chi, Wednesday, May 28, 10:00 pm:


Half  a week gone again and I'm sure glad.  My back has been giving me a little trouble because I don't have  anyone to  rub  the kinks  out  at  night.  I  went  and  got some wintergreen ointment today and the heat makes my  back  feel good  if  nothing  else.  It's  right in a spot that I can't reach good even with  the  vibrator  you  sent  me.  I  hope it'll go away in a day or two.

It's  raining  right  now, lightly, but when it started an hour ago it came down real heavy  for  a  good while.  I was   over watching Mission  Impossible  about  some  dead senator that wasn't or something.  You probably saw  it  two months ago or so.

(Editors  note:  a page  and  a half were censored here and lost forever.  Well, not really lost because I  found  them, but  I  still  couldn't  print  them because of their sexual nature.)

Well honey, it's that time  again.  Time  to trip  off into  dreamland  and  visit  you.  I hope you're all in good health and happy and don't forget that I'm  coming home  in l04 for sure.

p.s.  Roses  are  red,  and violets are blue, but if I had a rose, I'd give it to you!

p.s.s. Rain, rain, dropping on my roof above,

Send a message - Morse code, send it to my love.

Tell-her that I miss her so,

More than she will ever know.

And tell her not to worry none,

Tomorrow's awaited, usually come.

Hold on with courage just l04,

And big strong me'll come to your door.

Horny, happy and full of life,

Come home to love my kids and wife!


Cu-Chi, Thursday, May 29, 10:00 pm:


I love you more today than yesterday.  (eventhough  the mail didn't come today)

I  went  into Saigon today but didn't have time to call you because I went  by  jeep.  That  makes  three  different ways  I've  gone into Saigon, Jeep, Bus and helicopter.  The only other way is walking and I hope I  don't  have  to try that way.  I  know my way around Saigon pretty good now but I hate to go there except to call you.  It stinks and is  so crowded  you  have  to watch every direction at once to keep from killing someone.  I  dropped  my  clippers  off  to  be sharpened again.

My  room was just filled with flying ants or something so I grabbed my roach killer and ZAP!  They all  disappeared somewhere.



I'm glad Yorty won the mayors race although I didn't really want either one.  I just don't think four years of  a negro  mayor  would  help   anything  or  anybody  except troublemakers.

I'm waiting for the water truck because I had  to  open an hour  tonight.  No one  came in but I was reading a new book, "The President's Plane is Missing!"  It's pretty  good so  far  but  I've only read 80 pages.  It's nice to be back in the swing of  reading books.  My mind can wander  and imagine  more  out of a book than TV.  I hope you don't mind a man that likes to read every now and then.

Day after tomorrow is payday but I don't get very  much anyway  and  this  month  I'll send it all to you to pay the bills or something.

Next month you can put a  little  money  aside  to pay customs  on  my  tape  recorder when it comes which won't be for a month or two.

I miss you dear and can't wait  to  get  home  to you again.  But most of all I'm true!



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