Cu-Chi, Thursday, August 7, 7:15 pm:


Very  slow  day  today  so I spent money to overcome my boredom.  I bought me  an Air Force  type  flight bag  (2 suiter  suitcase)  for  R&R  and DEROS.  It's a $30 bag that cost's $l5.50 at the PX.  I needed something  anyway  and  I didn't want to put out the $23 for samsonite.  So I'm happy with what I got.

By now you've read the Hong Kong R&R pamphlet  through about  three  times  and are  drooling over  the  lists of goodies to buy.  Well,  I  wish you were  coming with me dear.  I  have more fun shopping for you anyway.  The way it looks now I'll have barely enough to go, let alone buy  very much.  They won't  let  you  leave Vietnam on R&R with less than $200 and I won't have much more than that.

Tomorrow night or Saturday morning I'm going down to Bien  Hoa  to  visit  Pix  and  give him my  silkscreen equipment.  He has some scene worked up so I'm  letting him have  the  stuff  and  I'll  get  me  some more  when I start printing again.  Or else he  can bring  it with him in November.

It's  raining good and hard outside and a little inside in spots.  But I'm laying here on  my  bed nice  and warm, just having  returned  from my bath and writing this letter while on duty (tonight is my late night  to be  open).  Due to the rain I won't have any customers anyway.

I  sure  am getting  short  dear.  One  more week  of cutting hair and I'm off to Hong Kong  to  spend money  and then  I'm coming home.  Wait  for  me,  don't  do anything exciting without me.  I got a letter from Bishop Odd finally, so at least he knows  I'm in the Army.  I even got two copies of the Church News from the Salt Lake Tribune.  Now  is  a  fine  time  to start.

I  love  ya sugar, keep getting those rays and spending that cash.


Cu-Chi, Friday, August 8, 10:45 pm:


Howdy!  I  love  you  too!  (In answer  to  Sunday's letter)  I  could hardly wait  for today to end so I could leave this place.  I'm tired enough to go  right  to  sleep, but  they're  playing groovy music on the radio so I'll wait till it ends.

Everyone got a 4-10  day  drop  off  their  DROS  (date return  from overseas)  which would have put me home a week earlier, but those with school drops were  exempt.  It's  a good  thing too,  because  I would have had to leave in the middle of  my  R&R.  But  now  everything  still  stands  as planned.

I  can hardly wait for next week to end so I can go on R&R.  I'm really looking forward to it.  There was a  notice in the  daily bulletin about meeting your wife in Hong Kong for only $600 plane fare from L.A., but it turned out to be sometime in November.  Sorry dear!

Goodnight  dear.  I'll  send a  tape  Sunday or Monday after I get back.

p.s.  Keep working on that suntan.


Cu-Chi, Tuesday, August 12, 10:00 pm:


It was so nice to talk to you this morning.  It's  been a  long  time  since  we  last said "over" to each other.  I finally got through to the MARS station  last  night  and  I was  disappointed  this  morning when I woke up because they hadn't called.  But at quarter of seven they called me  and you weren't home (as usual), so they called back at 7:30 am just as I was supposed to  start  cutting hair.  But  even with an audience it was nice to talk to you.


I  don't  think  I  made  much sense because I had said everything on the tape before, so forgive my methods  dear. I  did tell  you to look for some living room furniture for us, so that ought to keep you  busy.  And the  extra  money that   I   asked  for  means  just  that.  If we have  any uncommitted funds to  spend,  then  send me  some  in Hong Kong.  If  not,  I'll  get  by on what I have with me.  I'll love you tremendously either way.  So  don't worry  if we can't spare any - you know best.

Now back to the news.  We are expecting some fireworks tonight, skyrockets, etc., since Charlie has picked  up the action  the past  couple of days.  So I'm going to sleep as soon as I finish this letter to my lover.

We changed our money  yesterday  and today  so they wouldn't  let any of the gooks come to work for the two days because they would try to smuggle in the old money  to  get it  changed over and  they  aren't  supposed  to have  it anyway.  The new money is cute anyway.  On one side  of  the change  bills  (5,l0,25 & 50 cents) there's a submarine, and on the  other  side  an astronaut  floating  in  space  and printed  in bright colors.  All my tips today were crisp new bills and easy to count.

My replacement has been interviewed and is on  the way here.  He's  a professional barber and Negro.  That's all I know, since I haven't met him.  Oh well, I'm too  short  to worry about what happens anyway.

It  sure was nice visiting Pix but he has some playboy ideas now.  He doesn't want to get married for  a while.  But I still like him.

The  CO  tried to burn me for staying all weekend, but the 1st Sgt. told me not to worry  about  it.  I  think  the 1st  Sgt.  finally knows what a hassle the barbershop is and sympathizes with me a little.  I'll sure be glad to hang  up my clippers come Sunday.

It's  been  real  dry here  the past week or so.  We aren't getting the monsoon rains that we should so Charlie is starting to move around again.

I  sure  am getting short dear. - I don't take any guff from anyone in  the  shop.  I  sure  hope  I  don't  get  in trouble before I leave.

There's  a  butterfly flying around in here and I had a lizard peek in  a  minute  ago,  plus  I  killed about  5-6 cockroaches  when  I  turned the  light  on.  So things are normal for Cu-chi, Vietnam.

I have about 100 books  to  send home with  my hold baggage  next week,  mostly history and literature.  Right now I'm reading a novel "The last Unicorn"  just  for  fun. That book on Russia got too heavy.

I  love  you  dearest  and pray  for your safety every night.  So do your part and keep safe for me.

That butterfly just turned out to be  a  moth  so  I'm going to have to squash it before it attacks me.

I  sure  could  use a neck rub.  It's been bothering me for a couple of days now.  It goes  away  for  a while  but comes back to haunt me when I don't need it the most.

I  love  you  again  dear.  But  I  just can't finish a letter in the middle of  a page  50  I  have  to think  of something else quick.

I'll  call you as soon as I get to Hong Kong and before I leave again, just to see what you want.



Cu-Chi, Wednesday, August 13, 10:00 pm:


Another day shorter, only three and a half more in the shop  before  R&R.  The  tips were pretty good today.  A new high of $22.70 for the day.  If that keeps up I  won't have to worry about more money in Hong Kong.

Whoops!  I  just  remembered I haven't got my mail yet. Be back in a flash.  Another shorty, but loved just the same.  I  thought  I sent  the class schedule inside the tape box.  I didn't send the times, just the class numbers.  If you  need the  time schedule  just  look  up the class in the catalog because I forgot to keep a copy for me.  I trust you completely dear.

I went up to the pool for an hour tonight and got the kinks  out  of  my  legs.  I made sure I wasn’t here for the practice  "red"  alert  with full battle gear.  We’re expecting  something  soon  so everyone is sleeping light tonight.

I'm really getting anxious to go on  R&R,  but  I  wish you  could go with me.  I like to shop with you dear, except that we both buy too much  for  each  other.  I  hope  these allotments  have  cured you  of your economy in buying for yourself.

Keep your eyes open.  The way  they're  killing people in L.A., nobody is safe.

My mind  tells  me my body needs rest so I'll quit for now and try again tomorrow night.  I sure  am lonesome  all alone here  in my bed.  I hope it won't be too much longer before I'm not alone anymore.

I love you dear and I forgot to  get  Hugo  a  birthday card.  I knew I was going to the PX today for something.