Cu-Chi, Thursday, August 14, l0:50 pm:


You'd best  get  more  sleep  and worry about the crib later.  I can't have a run-down wife meeting me in 21 days.

From the amount of sun you're  getting you  should be turning  a  little  pink  around the edges.  I sure hope so. I'd love you  anyway  but  a  good tan means  you've  been getting your vitamin D.

I  didn't  have to work tonight because there was a USO show over at one of the hangers.  Miss America (a dud!)  and six other  starlets  came to boost our moral, and then said look but don't touch.  I guess their idea of moral boosting is  different  from the  guys  here.  Anyway, they put on a nice show considering it was about 100 degrees  and  sweaty in  the hanger  from the 1,000 smelly GI's crowding around the stage.  But even with the lousy army  p.a.  system,  and having  to  sit  on  the dirty floor, I had a good time.  Of course, I would have enjoyed it more if you were  performing for  me,  but I guess second best is Miss America - although not a very close second at that.  In other words  dear,  I miss  you,  even  if you are shy and ashamed of being looked at (sometimes).

I sent off birthday cards to Hugo  and Loretta  today, so  that's  taken  care  of.  I guess I owe Marlene a letter but that can wait till later.

Tips were good again today so if it keeps  up  I  might have enough for a good R&R after all.  Sorry  if  I  cut this short but this late I forget all the neat things I had planned to tell  you.  I  guess  I'll have  to  start earlier except I like to have you on my mind as I go to sleep.

A letter from the Fire Dept. will  be  fine,  I  guess, but all I really want is to get stationed near our house.

I love you - all of you!


Cu-Chi, Friday, August 15, 10:00 pm:


One  more  full day in the shop and then an easy Sunday morning and it's all over with the hair cutting  in Cu-chi. I  can hardly wait  till  Monday when  I leave Cu-chi for Saigon and then Tuesday morning (Monday  night  for  you)  I fly to Hong Kong.

I  hope  to be able to stay at the mission home or with some members, thereby saving the $40 I would have  to  spend on a hotel.  I hate to be alone anyway.

I  just  got  back from the flick, "I Love You Alice B. Toklas", with Peter Sellers  and  that  groovy hippie  girl with  the  nice  no-bra look.  It was old home week with all the shots of the San Diego Freeway, etc.

I'm laying here fighting the cramps in my legs  and my sore  neck,  both  of which have been getting worse lately. Do you realize that three weeks from today  I  should  leave Vietnam  and  arrive  in Oakland,  and three weeks  from tomorrow I should be home (I hope!).  I sure  hope  it  goes fast  dear.  I'm anxious to see all three of you again (but especially you, you doll).

I love those pictures of the kids  in their pool  and that  TV  picture  came  out OK.  I'll have to come home and find out who poked holes in Jonette's  pool  and beat  the hell out of them.

I  must have  some  sort  of virus in my sinus system. Every morning my nose runs and my head aches  for  a  couple of  hours.  I  take  my Vitamin C and it goes away till the next day.  Oh well!


We were awakened by Charlie about 6:00 am this  morning finally.  We  took  a few rocket rounds to give Miss America a war story to tell when she gets  home.  Unfortunately,  we suffered  five wounded when one of the rockets hit a hootch with guys sleeping inside.  As long  as  they  keep  missing me.

p.s.  Letter from Draper today.


Cu-Chi, Saturday, August 16, 10:00 pm:


You're  marvelous when it comes to picture taking.  I have a lot to learn from you when I get home.  I  hope  the lens  I  buy will help  to improve your technique a little (not that it needs it any).  Today was my last full day  of work.  I  only  have  a half  day  tomorrow morning  and then I'm finished and can relax.  I have church tomorrow and Monday noon I  leave  for R&R, so time should go quickly.

The  new  barber  is  here  and  starts  to work Monday (thank  goodness).  I  wish him luck  because  if  the  CO doesn't  buy my clippers tomorrow, the new barber won't have any to cut with.  If he doesn't want to give me $35 (I  paid $25)  I'll  just keep them and send them home to use at the firehouse.

The way it looks now I won't need  any money  in Hong Kong,  but  if you send me some I'll spend it wisely or just save it till I come home.  Everything is going to happen so fast  this  next week, I'll just have to take things as they come.

About the new living  room set  dear,  we  don't have anything  to  even  sit  on  so you'd best get something and make sure it's the best, because the Jakes  only  go  first class.

Think  young dear because I plan to go out dancing and dining a lot when I get home.  We've  got  to  find a  good baby sitter.


Cu-Chi, Sunday, August 17, 10:00 pm:


It's  raining again tonight  after  raining all night last night and starting again tonight looking  like  an all nighter.  The  lightening  is zipping through the sky to the roll of incoming thunder.

Charlie has been shooting a few rockets in here  every day  just  to make our lives exciting.  But I can do without them just a few more weeks.

I had to move out of the barbershop after church  today and back into the hootch I used to live in when I first got here.  The new barber started cutting hair this morning and I  started  the wheels  to  get  me  out of here as soon as possible.  I'm trying  to  get  out   even  earlier  than September   4th  just  to  leave  this  place.  I'm getting anxious now that the final days  are  approaching,  I  don't want  to  sit  around two weeks after I come back from Hong Kong.

So my dear, things are picking up for  me.  I  sold my clippers  to  the  company for $35 today and I get the check tomorrow, which will give me about $300 for my  R&R.  So  if you haven't  sent any yet, wait till I call you, which will probably be long before you get this letter.

Those pictures  are  again adorable  sweetheart.  Wait till  I get you a telephoto for close-up work.  I'll have to start entering you in photo contests.

The roof leaks right over my bed so I'm sleeping moist tonight.

Goodnight  dear, tomorrow night I write from Saigon and Tuesday from Hong Kong.