Good ole Cu-Chi, Sunday, August 24, l0:30 pm:


I  made  it  back  to the  safety of my little hootch, although it took some doing.

We left Hong Kong about 7:00 am, after getting to the airport   at   5:45   am.  The   flight back was  sad but uneventful.  I hated to see Vietnam again and even more  so when they  told me  I  had  to  stay another night in Camp Alpha.  I just didn't want any part of that, so I  left  and went  looking for my own way back.  I waited four and a half hours at the Heliport with no luck and then went  over to the  road where I sat in the hot sun for over an hour before catching a ride back to Cu-chi.  I  was  sure  glad to  get back  too.  I took the lenses that I bought for the guys over to them and we had fun playing with all the different ones.



After the fun was over we went to a live  show  at  the MP  club, which turned out to be crummy, so we left and came back and packed up my tape recorder to send home tomorrow.

Oh yes, I got my new orders today and I'll be home  on my  birthday  if  not  sooner.  I  hope you have my birthday present all nice and warm for me when I get  there.  I  sure will be glad to leave this Army.  It's really a loser.

Don't  mind my  pen,  but we're  in the  middle of a monsoon rainstorm and my  pen won't write  on  the  damp paper.

I'll  say  goodnight for now and wish me a safe journey home love.  I'll write  again tomorrow  and  let you know what's  happening.  It  looks  like  all  the NG's will be leaving on the same plane if the orders are right.


Cu-Chi, Wednesday, August 27, 8:30 pm:


I have my plane ticket in my  locker  and  could  leave tomorrow morning from Cu-chi, but they made a mistake on my orders and I would just have to wait in Lon Binh or  Oakland for  an extra  day.  So  I  thought  I'd wait right here in Cu-chi where I as least have a place I can call my own.



The way it stands now, I'll be home  Sunday,  probably even before  this  letter, but writing makes me feel closer to you.

It's drizzling right now after a very hot  day,  but  I guess you've been having your share too.  I  think  I  told you  I  caught  some sort of stomach infection in Hong Kong and have had a bad case of  the GI's the past  few  days.  I  got  so weak that I only wanted to sleep, but now the worst  is  over,  thanks  to about  six different kinds of pills.

I  shipped my hold baggage, which should take about two weeks or so to get there.  I just threw everything I had  in a box and sent it off.



I  sure  can't wait  to  get home dear.  I really miss you.  I don't think you realize the full extent of  my  love for you.  It's  endless  as  the star filled skies, true as the flight of an archer's arrow, strong as  Samson when he was  in his  prime,  and tender  as  a  father holding his newborn infant for the first time.  I  guess  I  just  can't really  tell  you how much I love you although I'll try to show you every chance I get.

If this letter comes Saturday  -  expect  me  tomorrow. If it comes Monday - love me even harder tonight my love.

See you in my dreams, Jon